Astrology has a history more or less the same as human formation. The oldest texts are thought to have appeared with writing. Because getting news from the stars means getting news from God for that news.

Astrology is developing, but this is linked to the development of astronomy, there is a system that has been used for thousands of years, the universe is mobile and changes every year. Precession; In other words, due to the wobbling of the earth as it rotates around its own axis, the Sun entered the spring point about 4 thousand years ago through the constellation Aries, and now it enters the spring point through the constellation Pisces.

We use tropical astrology, that is, we read charts according to seasons and signs, and accordingly we work with a symbolic system that divides the sky into 360-degree segments between the equinoxes and soltists, and each sign into 30-degree segments.

However, there is also a type of astrology that uses the star system, the sidereal astrology system reads maps by looking at the constellations, and due to precession, stellar astrology and tropical astrology, which started from the same point 4 thousand years ago, are today separated from each other.

Therefore, they revive this 13th horoscope issue every year so that the agenda will boil and people are confused because even those who say “I do not believe” feel the need to open and read because they are curious. However, there is no such reality in the astrological system we use.

Ophiuchus – Serpent Story

But what is this Ophiuchus, what is the 13th zodiac sign? If you say … Well, there are not only 12 constellations in the sky, but the ecliptic orbit is essential in astrology, and the ecliptic orbit touches a small part of the “Serpent” constellation. This constellation is intertwined with the constellation of scorpions:

What is 13th sign in Astrology

However, at that time, this star team was also considered together with the scorpion. On the other hand, since tropical astrology is not based on the constellations, but on the zodiac belt that is supposed to pass over the world and does not focus on constellations, there is no other sign in the astrology system we use. It will not happen, because there are requirements such as changing and increasing the time frames of the days for this to happen.


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