Virgo Monthly Horoscope for October. With the Full Moon, which will take place in Aries on October 2, issues such as earnings of others, inheritance, joint gains, income to be obtained without much effort, loans, debt, credit and credit relations, death, losses, scholarship, insurance premiums will be at the forefront.

Information and communication speed on these issues may increase. During the full moon, you can experience particularly good developments regarding alimony, especially in situations related to divorce. However, it is useful to control your expenses a little. You will be able to receive financial support from your spouse or partner. Money goes as it comes and these expense points will usually be related to your debt. You can close an important gap in your life.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for October

On October 2, Venus begins its journey under your sign. Issues such as our image and how we look outside will be effective. You are in a period where you will be attractive. You can shine in the environments you enter like a star. You may also experience improvements in your love life. You can spend your energy on travels. You can show yourself in your academic life.

Mercury retrograde begins on October 14. We are entering a period where our relationships with our close circle, siblings and relatives are being tested. People in front of us may perceive us as too spiteful in this process. We must absolutely avoid being superior to other people by relying on our intelligence. We are not in the right time to start a new education, sign a deal or travel.

The New Moon will take place on October 16th. We focus on financial issues and our own self-worth. A process begins where we will seek trust in financial matters.

Feeling safe financially can become the most important thing for us. We may have to help our family or we can turn to them for financial support.

It is possible for us to draw a new roadmap regarding our career and financial situation. During this period, we can take advantage of new job opportunities or get promoted in our current job and enjoy our revenue growth

Virgo Monthly Horoscope for October


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