Virgo from the mouth of Virgo

Virgo from the mouth of Virgo. First, let’s take a look at the image that represents Virgo to understand me. The figure of a virgin lady with her pure innocent stance picking the wheat, the symbol of fertility, is the symbol of hard work and perfectionism. Yes, I am the most hardworking sign of the zodiac.

Virgo from the mouth of Virgo

”Can you call me later? I am at work now and very busy. Is it too late, it is really important to finish this job “! Yes, I can say that the meaning of life for me is my job. You can’t see me sitting idly. Because I like being active constantly, I can say that I work as I work.

The underlying reason for this diligence; just because I am ruled by Mercury and my constant pursuit of information. My general opinion and belief; It is strict adherence to accepted truths. Maybe you can judge me for being quite conservative, accusing me of not being open-minded.

The person who is quiet, polite, occasionally looking at his watch, thoughtful, and a little anxious in the environment is only a Virgo sign. As for where you shouldn’t look for me; You can be sure that you will not find it in places where people usually flow into the night, in the nights played with loud music, and played out. Generally, I don’t like crowded places and meetings. If I’m in such a place by force, I can swear that in the middle of the night I won’t be the one dancing on the tables.

If I have to admit, I believe that I have done my work absolutely and flawlessly. Perfectionism is in our nature. If you try to criticize my work, know that I will not listen to you very much. Because as a Virgo, I always stand behind what I do and I am very confident in myself.

I am sure whoever you ask will complain that people born under the sign of Virgo are very meticulous. Yes, in general, it would be correct to say that Virgo people pay great attention both to themselves physically and to the cleanliness of the place where they live. But there may be exceptions, don’t be surprised. How am I, I do nothing but take a bath every day, keep the house sparkling, organize everything, have special slippers for guests, wash my hands frequently! My clothes must be always ironed with care and clean. Of course, I don’t even need to say that I expect you to be like that.
When you meet me, you may think that I am a little distant and distant to you. However, I don’t like being immediately intimate with people. I would like to weigh the other person to trust him. But make a particular note of this; Virgos are truly reliable people and they will never shoot you behind your back.

I’m in the office right now and can’t get out of my work. Do you know why? There are so many details and details that it makes me happy to be in all this confusion and to calculate the probabilities one by one. I can hear you say that it is too difficult! It’s easy for me. That’s how my mind works. I am sure many Virgo will see themselves in this article.
I am a very habitual person. You might even think I’m obsessed with this. Because when I am going on a business trip, I can never go without my own shampoo, towel, and special face cream. I always prepare my suitcase in the same order; shirts are at the top without wrinkles, trousers at the bottom, socks at the side. Even if you look at my wardrobe at home; You may notice that all clothes are separated by color, shoes are always cleaned and placed in their boxes.

If I have to admit, I have a very difficult feature. Regardless of the person in front of me, I can criticize him mercilessly for his mistakes and tell all the truths without hesitation. In fact, if I do not find the other party’s explanations sufficient, which I often do not, I can even enter into overwhelming discussions. What happens when you criticize me? My door is closed against criticism, let me say that. Because I think about everything to the finest detail, work, toil and try to draw the result perfectly. I said I would work because I constantly question what I have done sincerely, I blame myself thinking that I can achieve better. So although I am aware of my mistakes, I do not like to be judged as a Virgo. Because if you know how much I criticize myself inside, you would be very surprised.

As a person of the earth group, I take great pleasure in working, producing, and feeling useful. I believe that we do not come to the world only to experience their pleasures, to travel, and have fun. Therefore, you cannot see me throwing my money away. In general, I take great care in being thrifty. I have to think about my future, invest in my old age, right? However, if I can overcome these concerns, you can be sure that I will be able to spend my money a little more comfortably.

They say that Virgo people are a little too sensitive to their health. Yes, that is right. Health is very important to us. It is also a fact that some Virgo exaggerates this and that they are sick. However, I think a large pharmacy cabinet filled with medicines that will always be needed should be in every home!

To be honest, I can’t say I’m a true love person. Because the production that seeks perfection comes into play here as well. I’m so used to behaving logically that falling in love or getting into emotional depressions is not in my book. Running unconsciously after a passion seems meaningless to me. If possible, I can even say that I prefer to be single. Only when I find a candidate that meets my criteria, you can be sure that I will be a really good companion.
Virgo, who is quite realistic, always says “my job first”, puffs your head with details, cuts hair when sick, never ends criticism, but is extremely honest, honorable, reliable; maybe they may be the right people for you. Who knows?

Virgo from the mouth of Virgo


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