Venus in Houses at Partner Horoscope-Synastry Chart. Everything in the natal chart is important to a relationship, but Venus, the lord of the seventh house, the domain of relationships, stands out. Generally speaking, Venus manifests how we connect ourselves with another person, that is, the relationship itself, and helps us understand the capacity to open up, give and accept the relationship.

In Roman mythology, Venus was married to Hephaistos, but she was also a lover of Mars, and she had four children, three of whom were men. Among these, Daimos symbolized terror, Fobos fear, Eros desire and Harmonia. When we really look at a relationship, we see these four elements.

Venus’ position in houses in synastry gives the way two people relate to each other’s maps. Here we will see Venus with its positions in twelve houses and its positive and negative aspects. Remember that planets are archetypes and have a wide range of positive and negative aspects.

Venus in Houses at Partner Horoscope-Synastry Chart

If Venus falls into the First House of the other person:

It is like in Aries or Venus / Mars conjunction, because Mars is the ruler of the first house. Therefore, Venus light sheds light on the other person’s self in the sense of love. Venus here is less receptive and more confidently self-assertive. There is also a sexual dynamic. So this couple is out of the question to be shy with each other because it is like Venus-Mars conjunction.

On the downside, the first house man wants to establish his own autonomy, but Venus also emphasizes his/her desire for relationship. For this reason, there are ego or power conflicts and competition. Sexuality can be more prominent than other factors to create the relationship.

If Venus is in Aries or in the first house in the natal chart, you can generally be a person who reveals himself/herself in the relationship. If you want someone, you will chase him/her, you want to conquer. You want to be seductive and attractive at the same time. Therefore, this is an outward and relationship-oriented position.

If Venus falls into the Second House of the partner:

Venus is like in Taurus, and this is a powerful placement. Shared values, love of nature, of life

There are themes to enjoy. Comfort, sensuality and sensuality are at the forefront. Freud calls this the “pleasure principle”. It is a financially based relationship of money and other resources. Fertility, nature and its blessings are involved.

In a negative sense, there can be an excessive emphasis on money, an excessive dealing with financial resources, possessiveness. Here, one feels that he/she owns the other person. Themes such as embracing the other person and jealousy may arise in monetary terms.

If Venus is in Taurus or in the second house in your natal chart, you have a sensual pleasure and want to be with someone who loves the comfort, luxury, and pleasure of life. Since the bull is always slow and methodical energy, he/she does not rush, he/she enters a slow and digesting relationship. You always embrace the person you love in the category of places and people you value.

If Venus falls into the Third House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Gemini or side by side with Mercury. There is good communication here, which is very necessary in the relationship, and this communication is important for couples. It may be a family feeling that the spouse is perceived as a sibling. It is more important to have a mental-verbal common ground than sexuality. So this couple must be people who mentally stimulate each other.

In a negative sense, this couple is someone who speaks all the time but doesn’t really say anything of value to each other. Or it may need constant variety, something stimulating to overcome boredom. Emotions are not really taken care of, they are moved to a more functional dimension. If Venus is in Gemini or in the third house in your natal chart, your communication style can be relaxing and soothing. You can express your love with words and say things that people want to hear and like to hear. Because you are looking for diversity in relationships, your partner should be someone who can stimulate you in some way. If there is no such thing, you may be bored and distracted and turn to other things.

If Venus falls into the Fourth House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Cancer or conjunction with the Moon. The relationship takes a really family form. It has a relaxing, nourishing quality. The house is sometimes used for social gatherings. It can be a good location because home life is relaxing and enjoyable. When they are together, they feel at home in a home.

It can be negatively overly emotional, overly sensitive mood, and constantly changing moods. They are easily affected by each other’s moods. They stay at home a lot, do not want to open up, which affects their social life.

If Venus is in your birth chart in Cancer, in the fourth house, or with the Moon, you can become a house bird. Cooking, sitting at home, being close with your family is a joy. When you love someone, that person becomes like a member of the family. You take a maternal approach, but your feelings can be easily hurt. So it may take some time to get a person to your heart, but once you get it, it stays there.

If Venus falls into the Fifth House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Leo or in conjunction with the Sun. It gives a strong charm and sexual attraction. There is also joy and fun. This position is an indicator of having and raising children. Marriage is based on love rather than material things. For material things to happen, Venus must fall into the partner’s second house.

On the downside, it may be that pride, showiness, excessive entertainment, showing off with children, or playfulness or fun can override relationship responsibility. They can literally take risks. (Like gambling…)

If Venus is in Leo or the fifth house in your natal chart, there is creativity and joy of living. You pursue love wherever it is possible, and you can be very romantic. You love children, things that require art and creativity, sports, anything that brings joy to life.

If Venus falls into the Sixth House of the partner:

Similar to Venus in Virgo or side by side with Mercury, but unlike Gemini, where Venus is more mental, here it is more practical and practical. In a job or working situation, there may be a joint connection, or even the situation of knowing the spouse at the job. It is a comfortable location but has no electricity. In mythology, Venus was married to Hephaestus, and her husband was a craftsman, so this was a marriage of beauty with a craftsman. This practice may be a marriage with a sense of duty, but it is not very sexual.

In a negative sense, there is excessive perfectionism or imperfection, and since there is not much sexual attraction contact, the relationship can be lived without sex, which can cool the relationship. It can give importance to the details and the neatness.

If Venus is in Virgo, the sixth house, or alongside Mercury in your natal chart, you can be someone here looking for absolute precision, punctuality and perfection. Even though you may not have any desire to relate, because Virgo is a virgin sign, there may be a sense of staying pure and untouched, but you will be willing to fulfill your duties as a partner, that is, you have a sense of duty to fulfill the obligations of the relationship. You can be careful about body-related hygiene, health, nutrition issues, and you expect the same from the other person.

If Venus falls into the Seventh House of the partner:

Here Venus is like in Libra. It indicates a positive position regarding the relationship in general. The seventh house is the home of the loved one, and Venus here raises the potential for a relationship. Both people are aware of the other’s needs and are mutually sensitive to it.

In a negative sense, because too much energy is invested in the relationship, the themes of addiction can be issues of expecting too much from the other person, as well as the pursuit of an unrealistic ideal. You can put a lot of emphasis on what should be in the relationship; this should be like this, this should be like this…

If Venus is in Libra or the seventh house in your natal chart, you may be carrying an image of relationship or love within yourself. You need a relationship, and you feel good in a relationship. You want to be a couple, even if it’s not what you thought or imagined. You care about having a relationship.

If Venus falls into the Eighth House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Scorpio or in conjunction with Pluto. This position may indicate monetary gain from the other person as the eighth house shows the resources, money of the partner. There is emotional passion, sexual intensity, and fusion with Venus in the eighth house. The relationship is intense, and it is a sign of transformation for the better or, the worse.

On the downside, this may indicate a relationship or power games towards the other’s financial resources rather than pure love. There may be situations that harass feelings such as an obsession, jealousy, control, grudge, which are completely consumed. Love triangles may occur between the couple.

When you are with someone in your natal chart if Venus is in Scorpio, in the eighth house, or with Pluto, you need serious intimacy and depth in the relationship. Relationships flow deeply; you cannot be in a shallow relationship. Your love can be very obsessive and binding. You express your feelings heavily, and this can be very stifling for your partner at times. When it comes to love, it is either black or white; there is no gap.

If Venus falls on the Ninth House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Sagittarius or in conjunction with Jupiter. You have a project with some social motives, a social theme, or a common belief system. There may also be themes such as a love between strangers, a love associated with traveling, a love of learning and teaching, and a love of adventure.

On the downside, there can be fanaticism about beliefs in relationships; one party may want to turn the other into their own belief. There can be excessive, almost blinded optimism about a very unrealistic relationship.

If Venus is in Sagittarius, in the ninth house, or in conjunction with Jupiter in your natal chart, you may have a sense of adventure in love and relationship. You can travel to another country to meet someone or fall in love with someone from another country, a foreigner. But above all, you believe in love and its promises. What love can offer is sometimes unrealistic, but you still believe…

If Venus falls into the Tenth House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Capricorn or in conjunction with Saturn. It may be your desire for status and professional success. Relationships are taken seriously, as Saturn, ruler of the tenth house, is exalted in Libra, the sign of Venus. Often the couple has a sense of responsibility for creating and maintaining the relationship. In the eyes of the world, this couple can be seen as a symbol of power.

On the downside, they can be a very ambitious, very status quo-oriented duo who overestimate career issues. Instead of the quality of the relationship, the professional relationship may stand out or be together just for status. They can carry the marriage as if it were an Oscar or see it as a rewarding situation. There may be an age difference in the relationship.

If Venus is in Capricorn, tenth house, or conjunct Saturn in your natal chart, status in relationships may be important to you. You can be attracted to someone who offers you status, or you can attract someone like that. Sometimes this may be an older, bald, steady person because you can get an identity through the relationship. Love for you is practical, achievement-oriented, and responsible, but sometimes these standards limit you from actually building a relationship.

If Venus falls into the Eleventh House of the partner:

It is like Venus in Aquarius or conjunct Uranus. They were having humanistic projects, interested in humanity. It is a couple who want to participate in group activities. They respect each other’s need for freedom.

On the downside, it can be a distance that prevents privacy and sharing. The desire for freedom can be excessive, which hinders emotional intimacy and intimacy. Sometimes the desire to take part in group activities can actually be a way to prevent emotional intimacy. Having a relationship suddenly due to the need for excitement can be a pattern that fluctuates in the form of sudden disconnection.

If Venus in your natal chart is in Aquarius, the eleventh house, or conjunction with Uranus, you tend to have friendly relationships with other people. You can be very successful in groups because of your humanitarian orientation. You have a broader perspective that goes beyond the need for ego. You may be drawn to someone out of the ordinary, eccentric and sometimes distance. By attracting a distant and extraordinary person, you are actually subconsciously creating a space for the freedom you need.

If Venus falls into the Twelfth House of the other person:

Venus is like in Pisces or in conjunction with Neptune. Since Venus exalts in Pisces, there is spiritual, spiritual love. The Greeks called this “agape”, which means “love without benefit or any sexual urge in return”. It is a spiritual love that has nothing to do with the body. There is idealism in the relationship. There is a strange fusion in which both people achieve spiritual harmony with each other and adjust to each other spiritually. There is compassion, understanding and a common love of art.

Being overly influenced by each other in a negative sense, one’s emotions triggering the other,
There may be fluctuation, individual border issues, a tendency to love too much at the cost of losing one’s own individuality, and victim-saviour issues, overestimating the other, deception-deceit, disappointment, and secret relationships.

In your natal chart, Venus is in Pisces, in the twelfth house, or in a relationship with Neptune side by side, you may be too romantic and idealistic, and you may not see your partner clearly in his own reality. You may have a tendency to mingle with the partner and love by making great sacrifices. In this process, you may lose your identity. You may be very compassionate and willing to help those in need, and with this desire, you can lose yourself and fall into a victim; so you have to create some limits.

It should be noted that the sign-in which Venus is located on the chart, the ruler of the house where it is located, the relationship of this ruler to Venus and the aspects Venus makes with other planets are also important.


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