Uranus the Freedom Planet symbolized the freedom so it means planet of Aquarius. Ruler of the 11th house. Powerful in Scorpio and weak in Taurus. Harmful in absolutely Leo. Uranus represents unusualness, irregularity, intuition, awakening, discovery of life, independence. Whichever house is in this house, surprises, shocking developments, sudden events, changes are made.

Affected parts of the human body: thighs, ankles, cellular electrical current, visual system, circulatory system, nervous system, blood pressure, rhythm, release of tension

Uranus the Freedom Planet

Astrologers are generally Uranian, or Aquarius, because Aquarius and Uranus represent Astrology, space and astronomy. Also, Hippies, reformists who broke the rules of society, radicals, feminists, terrorists, rebels, strange and mischievous, explorers, aviators, cavalrymen, revolutionaries, leaders are people defined by Uranus.

Unusual Uranus can shape life using the Scorpio’s intuition, distracting the individual from the obsession with being strong. He finds the opportunity to live his emotions freely, intensely and strongly. It is in a harmful position in Leo, the opposite sign of Aquarius. Because Leo’s effort to show his egocentric, leader and proud nature turns into a strange, extraordinary, rebellious character. Likewise, Uranus falls in Taurus. The nature of life, which attaches importance to the material side of life, can push it to extraordinary ways to make money.

The planets representing Uranus youth, Saturn old age. Uranus causes an unexpected event in a person’s chart approximately 42 years after his birth. It is expected that there will be an innovation, a change and a formation in a person’s life. This surprising development can be positive or negative. However, the event will certainly be surprising.

Uranus is a planet that does not give up its decisions. It replaces the classic with a new one and does so using his intuition and feelings. Uranus almost does not move, it requires the acceptance of its breakthroughs and innovations, otherwise unthinkable. However, it is scientific, modern and realistic.

Uranus is like a magic wand, it changes life in an instant. This personal dimension can also be considered in the social dimension. It can suddenly close a door as it suddenly opens. Examples include a sudden marriage or a sudden divorce. In the social dimension, the start of a war or the occurrence of a revolution, the arrival of a leader and the arrival of a new one can be given as examples.

This planet also represents corruption, liberty, war, events of rebellion, sexual freedom. In this sense, it can have a negative effect on both people and masses with its unique structure, which cannot be determined beforehand.

Positive reflections: strong intuition, breadth of vision, open mind, surprising, exciting, independent, unusual, refreshing, reformist, open to change.

Negative repercussions: hasty, turbulent, restless, hectic, grumpy, critical, angry, weird, abnormal, overflowing, disobedient, untrustworthy, aimless, rebellious. Uranus the Freedom Planet


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