Mean Things: Prison, hospital, retreat, everything that keeps a person alone and immobile, great institutions in which people can get lost, methods of avoiding confrontation with reality (such as alcohol, television, computer games, constant sleep, longings), self-defeating characteristics, unconscious, conscious disconnected aspects, collective unconscious, karma, past lives, anxieties, unknowns, superphysical and superior experiences, spirituality, trance, awe, purification, healing and healing ability, transcendent or higher consciousness, enlightenment, eternity, limitlessness, ego death, dissolution, sacrifice, compassion, acceptance, sacrifice-savior roles, charities, manifested, unstructured, unregulated, unfocused consciousness, secrets and hidden enmities, big animals (elephant, horse, etc.).

Ruling Sign: Pisces
Ruling Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Powerful Planet: Venus
Weak Planet: Mercury
Weak Planet: Mercury
Gender: Female

Twelfth House In Astrology. Pisces is the water element, it is mutable. The “Candent” is the house. The sign coinciding with 180 ° opposite position is Virgo and rules the sixth house. This house is known as the House of Sacrifice.

Twelveth House In Astrology

By the end of the 11th house, we reasonably discovered that we are not only connected with the environment and society we live in, but with the whole human race and with the whole of life. In the 12th house, the process of dissolving the individual ego and uniting with a whole greater than ourselves is felt and experienced. This is an experience we live in the heart and soul, not through the mind. The highest experience of this house is the consciousness of unity.

House, which indicates the limitations and barriers of the person that are not known by others and often even by himself, addictions, fears, worries, the person himself before self-projection; In fact, emotions, personal interventions to feelings, seclusion, loneliness, and the elimination of the need for loneliness. Psychological disturbances, unconscious mind, sanctions imposed on the person by others, pressures coming in this way. In addition, areas such as prisons and hospitals that are not in the control of the person and are still included in the sanctions imposed by others, depressive states. The use or inability to use the efficient mind, the wild / sadistic side of the person, his hidden enemies, secret enemies, the harm that a person will inflict on himself.

In the field of health: Freckles, pineal gland, feet, toes and nails, sleepwalking, sleep need intensity.

Twelfth House In Astrology


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