Transformation Planet Pluto represents changes, renewals, sexuality, birth and death, obsessions, persuasion, passions, moral values. It causes change and transformation in every house. Scorpio is the ruling sign of Pluto. It exalted in Leo. Harmful in Taurus and weak in Aquarius. 8th house is the ruled by Pluto. Its tour in the Zodiac is 248 years. Due to its unusual orbit, the duration of staying in a sign varies between 13-30 years.

Affected organs in human body: sexual organs, anus, genital secretions, coccyx, abdominal cavity.
Diseases in human body : Waist and coccyx disorders, arthritis, paranoias, cancers, venereal diseases, severe viral diseases, AIDS, all bacterial and viral diseases, hemorrhoids, excretory tract disorders

Transformation Planet Pluto

Pluto represents veiled subjects that we cannot see, death and life beyond death. It is the planet of rebirth and transformation, of endings. It forces you to renew all kinds of unnecessary phenomena in life. This energy has such a great effect that it causes difficulties in order to increase the endurance of the person with all or nothing logic and wants to become stronger. While Pluto enables a person to make changes in his life, he creates some imbalances in the spirit world. Under this pressure, the individual displays an obsessive, obsessive, tyrannical character, displaying a destructive attitude rather than being constructive. For this reason, it is important to balance this power of Pluto and use it in a positive way. Sometimes one has to learn to submit to fate and sometimes to leave things alone. When this planet is going to bring about a change in a person’s life, it does so deeply, secretly, as if it acts as an aftershock. Finally, it dismantles the broken parts. This slow-moving mechanism actually means cleaning and renewing the decayed, degraded, old systems that need to be restructured.

In the depths of her inner world, the person discovers the goals he/she wants to achieve thanks to Pluto. Because this planet makes it felt with the transformation energy it gives. The individual finds himself in the determination to move towards his goals by showing great effort.

Positive reflections

Charismatic, strong character, deep, ambitious, highly concentrated, brave, healer, hypnotic abilities, able to make radical decisions.

Negative repercussions:

arrogant, dictatorial, harsh, brutal, sadistic, manipulative, provocative, stubborn, selfish, rude, fanatic, argumentative, oppressive, superior

Transformation Planet Pluto


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