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Siblings, relations with the immediate environment, mental capacity, everyday experiences, short trips.

  • Ruling Sign: Gemini
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Rising Planet: North Node
  • Harmful Planet: Jupiter
  • Week Planet: Moon Node South
  • Gender: Male

Third House In Astrology

Third House In Astrology. Gemini is the element of Air, it is mutable in nature. The “tertiary” is the house. The sign that corresponds to 180 ° opposite position is Sagittarius and rules the ninth house. In the previous two houses, we were aware of our physical presence and what we have, “what belongs to us”. This awareness, that is, the feeling of “separation from the mother (physically)” causes the feeling of separation from the remaining wholeness (external environment). When we separate ourselves from the outside environment, we naturally try to understand what is happening around us. We do this immediately and by collecting data in small steps within the close borders we currently exist in. In order to get to know this environment other than ourselves, we start looking for ways to communicate with it.
This house is ruled by the intelligent and communicative Mercury and the versatile Gemini sign. It is also known as the House of Sharing in Astrology. Gemini matters represented here. The third house represents the person’s adaptability, advertising ability, a marketing method for this purpose, communication skills, all kinds of communication, short travels. It covers your siblings, close circle, relatives, relations with your neighbors, daily thoughts, and primary school life.

The third house describes selected individuals, authorship, and communication skills created by writing and speaking. It also tells about bankers, books, publishing, quick analytical skills, accountability, neighbors, gossip, lies, primary and secondary education, all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, and magazines, and their curiosity in bonds and their marketing.

We can interpret the thinking capacity, mental structure, mind, and intelligence of the individual by looking at the third house. We can evaluate what the person is affected by, the decision-making mechanism, whether it is objective or subjective. In addition, subjects including schools, books, libraries, short trips, newspapers, trade, and all information exchange are within the scope of the third house.

In the field of health: Chest, arms, collarbone, fingers, and nails, nervous system, shoulders.


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