The relationship of the Corona(Covid-19) to Astrology

Corona and Mars

In astrology, Mars corresponds to the zodiac sign Aries and stands for energy. If it doesn’t find a valve, it builds up. Pent-up energy affects the stomach and the mind. This can show up as irritability or even aggression. In the process, the environment often comes innocently to the hand; it becomes a lightning rod. Therefore, it often happens that children, partners or someone who happens to be there is yelled at or treated roughly.

Due to the corona crisis, many had to and still have to work from home. Exercise is only possible to a limited extent. Suddenly there are no longer those colleagues with whom you can rub shoulders and exchange ideas. Everyday annoyances such as not reading e-mails, misunderstood instructions or complaints that cannot be responded to immediately build up discontent. Suppose too much comes together, an explosive atmosphere brew.


This is where Mars comes into play; it is the authority in us that enables us to resolve conflicts, to get things going, to assert ourselves and to react situationally – in abstract terms, the principle of energy. The energy that can flow is productive. When it is suppressed or suppressed, however, it accumulates and becomes destructive. Quarrels over trivialities, shouting around or even fights are not uncommon. Therefore it is important to appreciate this energy and to give it space and to integrate it into life and to live it out, even if this is not an easy exercise at the moment. Then aggression turns into energy and courage.

Energy or Aggression

Choosing a goal and bravely advocating it is one possibility. “I want instead of I would and could”. You don’t just make friends with it, but the “hard but fair” method does more than get angry about things, situations or people. Home improvement projects are also a good outlet. Anyone who sweats and can look back on a successful result, in the end, is much more relaxed. A sense of achievement is a good remedy for frustration. Even strenuous sports can relieve tension and cramps and also trigger feelings of happiness. Running, cycling, workouts, or boxing on a punching ball can relieve pressure. Having your own territory is also important, so you need a retreat where you can breathe deeply in peace or maltreat a cushion. Even computer games, which are available in countless variants, can at least offer a virtual replacement in the short term.

Mars in the Zodiac Signs

It depends on which zodiac sign Mars is in your personal horoscope and how it is integrated into it. Here is a rough overview of its properties, due to its position in the individual signs of the zodiac, regardless of your sun or zodiac sign. Your personal birth chart reveals more about it.

Mars in Fire signs

Impulsive and quick reactions characterize Mars in Aries, but these do not last long. Outbursts of anger are therefore usually only brief, but intense. Sports that require quick reaction and speed are therefore a suitable valve. In Leo, romping around with children can be helpful or implementing creative impulses can help to balance out frustration. Mars likes outdoor sports or camping in Sagittarius because it gives him the opportunity to discover something again and again and to act out his urge to move.

Mars in Earth Signs

Mars wants to create substance in Taurus and is committed to it. Games, where you can collect points or gardening, could pacify him. A Mars in Virgo can be lived out in the model building or when repairing things where a sure instinct and a sense of detail are required. In Capricorn, Mars has perseverance and ambition; overcoming obstacles is part of his everyday business. Mountain hiking or mountaineering, carving or sculpting are therefore a good way to balance the stress of work.

Mars in Air Signs

With Mars in Gemini, the word becomes a weapon; playful verbal battles are an alternative to pointed and hurtful remarks. With Mars in Libra, the energy is focused on encounter, so he needs someone to interact with. A difficult endeavour in times of isolation. One could, for example, use virtual board games. A Mars in Aquarius, on the other hand, is of the fast troop, he loves speed and likes to step out of line. Fast movements and extraordinary hobbies, as well as the struggle for social justice, are a suitable outlet for him.

Mars in Water Signs

Mars in Cancer can react while doing DIY or barbecuing. A Mars in Scorpio is passionate, has a strategy and likes to dig its sting into sore spots. A fulfilled sex life or a strategy game can smooth some waves here. Mars in Pisces often swims around helplessly when it comes to asserting his own interests because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He is a real Robin Hood who stands up for the weaker. He can therefore live out in the social, artistic or spiritual area. Yoga, meditation, tai chi etc. are better than washing down anger with alcohol or numbing them with drugs.


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