The Power Planet Mars; Ruler planet of 1st and 8th houses. Aries ruler of the Mars and it exalted in Capricorn. It is harmful in Cancer. Weak in Taurus and Libra. It orbits the sun in 687 days. It stays in the horoscope for an average of two months. However, it can stay seven or eight months in its retro periods. Masculine planet Mars represents the power and brave. Mars is the ability to fight, endurance, resistance to events, sexual power, and the way in which man manifests himself. Represents brothers in life.

In any house, this house is the battleground. The knowledge that the God of War was named Mars by the Romans shows the importance of this planet in Astrology. Mars expresses all kinds of struggles, entrepreneurship, anger, quarrels, courage, ruthlessness.

The Power Planet Mars

This planet with the element of fire has a burning power and affects every aspect of our lives. As seen in the symbol of Mars, it is a planet that reveals impulsivity in the person. This planet describes a fiery, aggressive, provocative lover. While Venus ignites a spark in a relationship, Mars creates an effect that causes events to occur. No matter how difficult and hard to overcome the obstacles on the path of life, a strong Mars problems; Thanks to his determination, patience and ambition, he can easily overcome and keep the person alive.

Survival on the thorny roads of life gives us the desire and energy to stand up where we fall. Mars, like a magic wand, sends a movement, ripple and force to where one touches in one’s life. Cutting tools are also associated with gun injuries, surgeries and accidents. It is also linked to burns from clumsiness and haste. It is directly related to our physical strength and sports ability. Muscles, head, blood, bone marrow and lymphocytes, body temperature, red blood cells, hormones, nose, external reproduction, gall bladder, temperature adjustment system, male sexual organs are the parts that it represents in the human body.

Positive reflections, pioneering spirit, daring, able to hold the initiative, non-submissive, self-confident, sociable, able to defend his rights, ambitious, enjoying life, fearless, challenging, determined

Negative reflections; vengeful, angry, untrustworthy, aggressive, indiscriminate, rude, abusive, disrespectful, hasty


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