Main Things: Honor, dignity, social status, fame, authority, victory, appreciation, rise in worldly position, career, fateful profession, employers, supervisors, bosses, persons in prestigious positions, all authority figures in the decision-making process, law enforcement, mother/father life goals, a social role that will contribute to society.

Ruler Sign: Capricorn (Winter Equinox)
Ruling planet: Saturn
Powerful Planet: Mars
Harmful Planet: Moon
Weak Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Gender: Female

Tenth House In Astrology. Capricorn is the earth element, pioneering. It is the corner and “Angular house.” The sign that coincides with 180 ° opposite is Cancer and rules the fourth house. The tenth house is known as the House of Enterprise in Astrology.

Tenth House In Astrology

The 10th house realizes what the 9th house makes sense and visualizes in the material world. It is not easy to successfully transition from the 10th house. First of all, we need to know ourselves very well. We must find our destiny. The planets and signs in this house guide us: they formulate our destiny and describe the personality traits we need to develop before finding our destiny.

The starting point of the 10th house is the point at the top of the chart, the degree of the ecliptic reaching its highest position on the meridian passing somewhere. Also called Bedside, Medium Coeli (MC), or Midheaven. In some house systems, Midheaven and the starting line of the 10th house are different. Settlements near Midheaven occupy a position above all other elements of the map

The tenth house represents the father and authoritarian figures. Dictators, kings, ambitious people, one’s ambitions, archives, accumulated potential, the definition of the person in society, place in society, promotions, professional rivalries, political rivalries, the name to which one will be committed, and the effort to protect him are under the rule of the 10th House. Its popularity, clout in society and its small circle, and its desirability are also evident from this house. Planets in this house will show how far one will rise in his profession. If there is no planet in the 10th, but a strong planet is moving to the 10th house, success will come late, but one will not go too far. We can understand the knowledge of expressing religious beliefs and establishing an organization from this house. It is also the subject of this house to benefit from the experiences of others apart from these. The 10th house represents old age and older people.

In the field of health: Skeletal system, spine, teeth, knees, joints, skin.


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