Main Things: Long journeys, foreign countries, distant cultures, different horizons, higher education, university, faculty, specialization, advocacy, morality, etiquette, customs and traditions, judgment, laws, lawyers, philosophy, wisdom, guidance of wise people, beliefs, religion, religious institutions, divination, tourism, guidance, import-export, publishing, rural area, farms.

Ruling Sign: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Strong Planet: South Node
Harmful Planet: Mercury
Weak Planet: North Node
Gender: Male

Sagittarius is an element of fire, mutable in nature. The “cadent” is the house. The sign coinciding with 180 ° opposite position is Gemini and rules the third house. The ninth house is known as the House of Philosophy in Astrology.

Tenth House In Astrology

By the end of the 8th house, we feel more acquainted with ourselves, wiser about life, survive in difficult times, and be purified and renewed. Now we begin to perceive life as a process of expansions because we have had enough experience that demands that we think more comprehensively about our existence’s meaning and purpose.

Now it is the 9th house that will allow us to look at what has happened so far from a broader perspective. Here, we will try to grasp the universal laws and underlying patterns that govern life, and we will pursue the truth. Because when we have a goal, we can deal with difficulties more easily. Also, suppose the difficulties we face are caused by not living in accordance with the laws of existence. In that case, we may not have to drink bitter medicine by discovering and acting following the information that will guide us.

Ninth house, conscious mind, intellectual abilities, intellectual abilities, sport, sense of spirituality, philosophical perspective, capacity to perceive philosophical issues, laws, government agencies, long-term travels, air travel, spouse or lovers of close friends, third child, representing the courts does. Higher education and higher education studies, academic studies, trade (import and export), communication with foreign countries and individuals, institutions of foreign origin, the capacity to perceive experiences gained while living, grandchildren, relatives of the spouse, large animals are also under the management of the ninth house. Furthermore, intellectual collections and efforts to show oneself better and more knowledgeable are topics found from the 9th house.

In the field of health: hepatic system, leg, calf, hip bones.


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