Taurus Monthly Horoscope for October 2020. With the Full Moon that will take place in Aries on October 2, there may be uncontrolled events, secret enmities, hidden enmities, diseases, restrictions, restrictions, and rumours. Thanks to the full moon, these subjects are illuminated and become visible.

During this Full Moon, a number of events in your life may occur outside of your control, which may be particularly relevant to your business and career. Some information is hidden from you, some rumours behind you may come to light.
You may increase your awareness of the set or conditions prevented. You will be able to identify enemy personalities that can harm you easily. It is useful to pay extra attention to your health, especially allergy-related problems may occur.
With the transition of Venus to Virgo on October 2; You can experience unexpected beauties in your love life. New love can sweep you off your feet. If there are problems with your child, you can now see that everything is getting better. You are in a process where your luck is open, you should definitely take action because of what you want to do. Your energy is increasing. You can get good news.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

Mercury retrograde begins on October 14. We are entering a period when our focus will be on bilateral relations. Issues that go wrong in our relationships, and problems from the past may come to light during this period.
Misunderstandings, mutual stubbornness can further increase the tension between our partner and us. If we do not have a relationship, we must wait after October 28 to start a new relationship.

The New Moon begins on October 16th. Our work, health and daily life routines come to the fore. Our pace is increasing in the business environment and in our daily life. We are entering a period in which we will work hard and make a lot of effort. Our colleagues or work may change.

If we are not working, we can make innovations in our daily lives and create new routines. If we have a health problem that has not been resolved for a while, that bothers and worries us, it is also possible to regain our health during this period. We will struggle to get our lives back in order.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for October 2020


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