Taurus from the mouth of Taurus

To understand the character traits of my zodiac sign and my perspective on life, let’s first take a look at the creature in my symbol. Taurus representing my horoscope will undoubtedly give you a wide range of Apelles and tips about me. The Taurus is strong in structure and quite calm despite its large size. Their movements are lazy, they scan their surroundings with sleepy eyes, and they slowly digest the bites. But do not let this calm, indifferent attitude deceive you. You can be sure that when his vein is pressed under this image, his calmness will not be left, and he will attack with anger and hatred that is devastating to dust.


Have you ever watched a bullfighting in Spain? If you watched it, you would see the bulls standing in an unrelated, unrelated corner before going out to the show, and when they were angered by the matador in the arena, the monster that was asleep in silence awakened in them. That’s exactly what we Tauruses are. If we are angry at an event, do not come to us at all, do not insist on your behavior and, if possible, walk away from us in silence.

As a Taurus, I am a person with a clear purpose in life, who likes to move forward safely. Sometimes I can easily achieve this thanks to silent production, maybe you will witness my violent anger once or twice a year. Of course, this will depend on my ascendant sign and the influence of other planets. However, I would like to point out that we generally have a very controlled mechanism and we strictly control ourselves. You can think of me as a jockey holding a horse’s reins tightly in his hand.

If someone is sitting quietly in one corner of the table during a meeting or a dinner, occasionally participating in conversations with the words “yo”, “uh”, that’s me. You may perceive my absolute determination as great stubbornness. Yes indeed, if I decide something, it is difficult to turn me from this decision than to pass the camel through the needle hole. What you call stubbornness means for me to be patient and determined. I am strongly attached to my own beliefs and ideas. I cannot understand why I am not understood by the people around me. I am sure that you understand a Taurus friend or lover better now after this.

My strong character works well in my business life! You can see that I took the steps in my career with care. I don’t mind working hard to improve my own quality of life. Generally, we Taurus are defined as successful people in society. We also have no trouble adapting to strict working conditions.

I am a person who loves living the beauties of life, enjoys high quality and is influenced by beautiful paintings and recitals. For this reason, flashy places, beautiful houses, are the pleasures I look for and find delicious food.
Especially if I say that Taurus represents the neck, mouth, chin, and throat region, you will understand that I have a wide sense of taste and unfortunately I am also fond of overeating.
Let me admit that I attach great importance to materials! I also like to show people my wealth, I like the show. I like to know what I have got. Yes, to be honest, I am passionately dependent on money. For Venus, the ruling planet of my sign represents money. I know how to break through the obstacles with my diligence, will, and effort. That’s why success and the money that comes with it decorate my life.
The fact that I give such importance to money does not mean that I do not care about feelings and love. (I would like to add that some Taurus are only after wealth.) At the same time, I am quite sensitive, fond of beauty. I know very well ways to keep a woman (or man) I love. I can say that if I manage to get the person I want, the world will be mine. Let me give you some good news, it is a great pleasure for me to spend big money on the person I love. So my hand is also very open!
It would not be correct to say that I do not understand humor by looking at our strong appearance, of course, I cannot say that we have a fine sense of humor here. Rude jokes cheer us Taurus.
Let me tell you that if you have a Taurus friend then he will be a reliable, loyal, and good friend to you. But remember that Taurus always weighs their relationships and selects their friends meticulously. I was a Taurus; If I believe that the person in front of me is really honest, sincere, I appreciate him, believe me, I will not be mistaken in my choices. I also make sure that the people around me are of the upper class.
Whether you are a Taurus woman or a Taurus man, we are people who are fond of our homes and wives. I am sure that when you visit my house, antique furniture, luxurious chandeliers, ornate curtains will attract your attention. I am sure you will see my curiosity about showing off everywhere.
If you want to live in harmony with a Taurus, you will have to tolerate our being a little conservative, endure our unshakable stubbornness, and adapt to our fixed ideas. But believe me, all of these will be worth tasting the beauty that a Taurus will make your experience. You will be dazzled by the blessings I have laid out before you to make your life beautiful! You won’t even be able to think of being with anyone other than the Taurus!


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