Main things: Daily work, the order, and rhythm of daily life, the imperatives of the material world, tasks, service, work, working environment, style and methods, results of work, employees, daily work life, colleagues, workplace, work content, productivity, dedication, skill development, craftsmanship-apprenticeship, the threat to physical health, health awareness, susceptibility to illness, the relationship between soul, body, and mind, traditional and complementary medicine, food, clothing, hygiene, small animals, enemies who want you to perish.

Sixth House In Astrology

Sixth House In Astrology. The ruling sign in the house is Virgo, Virgo is the earth element, it is in nature of mutable. “The third is the house.” The sign coinciding with 180 ° opposite position is Pisces, it rules the twelfth house. It is known as the House of Health.

The 6th house follows the 5th house and raises the need for us to define our natural boundaries, define ourselves more clearly, and correct our mistakes. We were happy to express ourselves in the 5th house. Our desire to be special, to ‘rise to the top’ was strong. But we didn’t know when or where to stop. We were constantly playing games and not doing our homework. However, as Edison said, one percent of genius is the inspiration and ninety-nine percent is sweat.

The sixth house is a service house with its general name. Describes the style of serving others and the service they receive from others, their commitment to their profession, their sense of responsibility, diseases, doctors, seeking healing and healing, comfort and indulgence, attention to the body and the need for exercise, all kinds of diets, hygiene, pets, indicates small animals, clinical psychological disturbances. It is also this house that tells about what the person needs to be better, the competence he shows to reach his needs, the ways he will reflect his expectations of the other party, the points he pays attention to, and the level of attention.

In the field of health: Abdominal region, digestive system, damaged spots in the whole body, chronic diseases and, migraine.


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