Self Planet SUN; The Sun and Moon in the natal chart are referred to as Lights. The most important powers of the natal chart are lights. Sun represents personality and Moon represents emotions. The Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine.

Interpreted as creative in astrology. In birth chart, executive power is the Sun. It shows the person’s personality and how it indicates it. So many people reflect their sun sign characteristics. The sun manages spinal cord, brain, blood circulation, abdominal cavity, respiratory system, right eye in male, left eye in female, right side of the body  and heart. Leo is associated with the Sun because ruling sign of it, powerful position is here for Leo.

The Sun

The Sun completes its tour in the zodiac in a year and Sun stays approximately 1 month in each signs. When we look at the main characteristics, we see egotism, awareness, life, power, leadership, basic personality, consciousness, stamina. The more effective the sun, the more successful we will be in our lives and our health will be powerful. The Sun rules 5th house, so family and love issues are included. Sun sign is the essence, self, general character. It represents the father and important authority figures in life. No matter which house the sun is in, one shines and shines.
I stated that Leo is strong in Sun, but there is a opposite situation for a few signs. Sun is harmful in Aquarius and it is weak in Libra. Self Planet SUN

Self Planet SUN

Sun is exalted in Aries.

Positive reflections; vitality, charm, courage, creativity, warmth, compassion, soft heart, generosity, self-confidence. Negative reflections; arrogance, bullying, disharmony with the boss and father, inconvenience with oneself, extravagance or on the contrary, stinginess, totalitarianism, discord, miscommunication, and indulgence in luxury.

The Sun affects us the most because it is so close to the World.
In the next article we will explore the emotional planet Moon.


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