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Second House In Astrology. The capacity of the individual to earn money with his / her own abilities, material resources, spiritual values, innate talents

Ruling Sign: Taurus
Ruling Planet: Venus
Rising Planet: Moon
Weak Planet: Mars, Pluto
Low Planet: Uranus
Gender: Female

Taurus is the earth element, it is in the nature of fixed. The second house also known as the House of Value in the Astrology. The second house is the “Secondary” house. The sign that coincides with 180 ° opposite position is Scorpio and rules the eighth house. In the Astrology, just as every sign has an opposite sign, every house has an opposite house. In a short, Taurus matters represented here.

Second House In Astrology

Second house money and monetary matters; It represents the person’s material existence, self-worth, the ability to win, the will to win, the risk of losing and the points to be careful about, the way the person bases the work he started, the need to be completed. It tells about the natural talents of the person and the income opportunities that may come from them, the ability to evaluate their material, the ability to evaluate their belongings, their inheritance, the need for security of the person and how they meet this, personal freedom and the way they reflect this, the way of self-marketing. The stinginess of the person and the way of disposing of money and goods are also under the management of this area..

This home is also related to your body. It also refers to the value that the individual has given himself or herself. It includes all material and moral resources, wealth, poverty, income and expenditure, money-related issues. This house, ruling planet and aspects determine the capacity to earn money and the standard of living.

In the field of health: neck and Hormonal system, throat, voice, ovaries.


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