Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for October 2020. With the Full Moon, which will take place on October 2 in Aries, the work and working environment, the people you work with, daily routines, personal development, issues that relate to your health, situations that require hard work, and chores will be on your agenda.

During this Full Moon, some changes may occur in the place or institutional structure of your workplace, and you may not like some job changes. Your workload may increase, and you can be assigned for new projects.
This will be a process that you will work harder but not appreciate too much. Again, you will be under supportive effects in health-related issues. You can quit bad team habits thanks to this Full Moon.

Venus transits into Virgo on October 2. You can shine in the environment you are in. You can get appreciation and fame in your work. Your luck will be very clear during this period. Your partner may be on the agenda. You may experience developments in your world of marriage and relationships. When you show your love to the other side, everything will be fine.

Mercury retrograde begins in your sign on the 14th of October. During these two weeks, it is possible to feel a little trapped. Misunderstandings, arguments and conflicts of opinion can mark our lives.
We may intend to settle accounts with people due to past events, and we can get criticism from our environment. It would be beneficial if we strive to control our anger and feelings of revenge.

The New Moon begins on October 16th. We are facing our subconscious. Returning to our inner world and being alone with ourselves for a while can comfort us. On the other hand, we may turn to therapy to express our thoughts that we have held in us for a long time and that negatively affect us.

We must use this period to recover ourselves, to get rid of our worries, to regain self-confidence and energy. We are in a period where we should not hinder our health checks. We may also need to deal with the health problems of our relatives.


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