Scorpio from the mouth of Scorpio

Scorpio from the mouth of Scorpio

Scorpio from the mouth of Scorpio. First of all, let’s examine the creature that represents the sign of Scorpio, ruled by the God of the Underworld, whose fame has spread fears all over the world. Scorpion is a creature that emerges at night, likes to live in secluded places, makes you nervous with its curved and poisonous tail, and causes great trouble to you even if it stings. The people you think are mysterious, who looks deeply around you, who look down on you with their sharp gaze, are usually Scorpios. Whenever you see a Scorpio, whether male or female, it surely catches your attention!

If they have a goal they want to achieve, they are likely to achieve it thanks to their high concentration and ambitious nature.

I must say right away that when people find out about my sign, they take a step back and their faces take on an unpleasant expression. This is really annoying for all Scorpios. Please stop acting like that. I have many beautiful features like everyone else, as you get acquainted you will see it in yourself!

With my gaze, I can insistently observe you as if I want to solve all your secrets, even if you turn your back, I can make you feel the energy I radiate. I am strong enough to bring anyone I want to my eyes. It is only a matter of time before you inevitably enter my magnetic field. This domain that I have created in my nature and beyond my control can disturb you, and you may even want to get away from the environment you are in. But don’t be afraid of me right away! This art of influence is completely natural. It’s a situation I don’t do consciously.

My ruling planet Pluto gives me my rigid and solid character. Therefore, it is very difficult for weak people to stand in front of me. I experience my feelings very intensely. For this reason, sometimes I may be a victim of my ambitions. If I have to admit, it can sometimes be very difficult for me to control myself. In such a situation, I can disturb both myself and my environment, and even turn their lives into a prison. It is highly likely that I will be locked to the goal I want to achieve with high concentration and achieve them thanks to my determination.

Scorpions have a soft, mild, velvety voice. Because with this tone of voice, we would like to give you the image that we are very proud, self-confident, and steadfast. As a matter of fact, we strongly believe that we are like this. You may think that I hide my emotions behind a mask on my face. This is indeed a very accurate determination. Because it is very difficult to understand what a Scorpio is thinking.

If you are trying to dissuade me from something, I say give up when the road is close. Because a Scorpio will never return from his stubborn decision. Just like real Scorpions. As you know, a scorpion fights against its enemy until the last moment, until it stings it with its lethal venom.

If you are aiming to learn about my mysteries, the depths of my soul, don’t waste time on it. I am almost like a closed box, it is almost impossible to open and empty it completely. I live in a world of my own. Never expect my inside to be one. Let me warn you; You should always be cautious in front of me. Even if we seem quite calm and soft-spoken, we are never soft inside.

Yes, it is true that Scorpios care about money. However, it cannot be said that I seek happiness in life only in the satisfaction of material pleasures. I want my feelings to be as satisfied as well for the peace of my inner world.

Know that a Scorpio can be your dearest friend. When I believe you are really worth it, I will do my best to make you happy. Perhaps one of the most important qualities for a friend is that I stick to you. I never reveal the secrets given to me. Even a knife cannot open my mouth, you can fully trust me on this. However, whatever my opinion is on a subject you consult with me, I will express it clearly. Even if it causes your heart to break! Having many people around me doesn’t mean I put them in the category of friends. The number of people I rely on is very small.

If you are against a Scorpio, there is one more thing you should be afraid of from us. I am a very intuitive person. You should always take into account that under my deep gaze I have a hunch that will analyze the people in front of me in detail. I trust my feelings in the decisions I make in life. But don’t I have this skepticism? I look at everything, everybody first with suspicion. No matter how kind, cordial, and sincere I seem, doubt in me comes with me everywhere. I am also aware that I have to restrain this feeling a little bit, but I cannot do anything.

As for how we treat our enemies. This is where Scorpio people differ from others. Some of us feel a strong sense of resentment at the mistakes made to us. However, like an eagle flying high, honorably, without struggle, we want life to punish this person and we expect to see it. Some of us, on the other hand, suffocate under the grudge and anger that has accumulated in us, blindly in our eyes, like a scorpion that stings itself at the end, we are coded to punish the other person to the end. I don’t know what kind of Scorpion you are fighting this, but if you have become enemies with the Scorpio, I think you realized how careful you had to be.

I never forget a good done to me, as I never forget what was done to me. Do not be surprised if I count your past mistakes one by one. Don’t be fooled by the withdrawal of a scorpion, it’s just looking for the right time to attack.
If you confront with Scorpio, you need to know that it is very smart and has analytical intelligence. We have great research and passion for learning the unknown.

We can be as a very good surgeon, an archaeologist, a detective, and perhaps a psychic adviser with our superior intuition.

Although I believe that I should only trust myself, and even if I overwhelm you with my stubbornness, you can believe that I will protect and own the person I truly love. I hide that I have soft feelings under my pretty hard shell. Don’t expect me to change. You’ve managed to get some pretty valuable secrets from someone so mysterious.
Whatever your situation and circumstances, when you come face to face with a Scorpio, lower your weapons of war, eventually, you stand against someone who will somehow overcome you even after years. Better get near and try not to win such an enemy …


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