Sagittarius from the mouth of Sagittarius

Sagittarius from the mouth of Sagittarius. Come on! Where are we going this weekend? If possible, let’s never sit at home, walk around, dust off, and enjoy this world… We Sagittarius people are people who can not stand still and bring joy to their environment. If you say who are the sought after people in fun environments, of course, I would say Sagittarians like me! You can easily distinguish me from other people with my flamboyant construction, relaxed personality, a confident stance, and a hasty-looking attitude.

Sagittarius from the mouth of Sagittarius

Is it the rule? Rules are set by me to be broken. If you are also a Sagittarius, you will immediately know what I mean. I never allow myself to be constricted, bored, and trapped by traditions in my body and soul. If possible, let me always act as I feel, always feel the refreshing, refreshing wind of freedom. If you restrict and inhibit me, I will feel like I’m without oxygen, never forget that.

There is a point that I just don’t understand, why are people accusing me of recklessness even though I am so forthright and sincere? What’s the harm in telling a friend that he looks almost like a clown in his outfit? I did not understand why it was taken for this! Whereas I think I am doing him a favor by telling him how he looks. Don’t you think so? Yes; I am a very comfortable person. Frankly, I can say it without thinking about it! But believe me, it is very difficult to find a sincere and unwholesome person like me. Therefore, I ask you to excuse me if I unknowingly break you, at least by believing in my sincerity.

One of my most important features is that I am a fanatic. I can defend an ideology I believe in the last drop of my blood and lead groups. Be sure that I am the one walking in front of the convoy! The times of youth are the years when I was at the height of my fanaticism. However, as the years pass, I may abandon some of my ideas and move away from their old attitude.

It is not possible to encounter hypocrisy or artificiality in a Sagittarius person. Whatever is in my heart is in my language. I immediately express whatever comes to my mind. For this reason, it is also true that I hurt and upset the people around me without realizing it. But in such a situation, I would regret that I did as much. Never seek intention in my actions.
Shall we go rafting or paragliding this weekend? I need my heart to beat fast, my body to be filled with adrenaline! If you are interested in extreme sports, I say get a Sagittarius friend, because I love to accompany you while doing these sports. High physical and spiritual excitement binds me to life and amuses me more than you can imagine.
Are you looking for a very good-natured, generous, fun friend? Here I am. You will love and connect with me with my intelligent and active attitude. If you can protect yourself from the arrows that I occasionally throw at you, it’s easy to be friends!

Well, have you ever thought about who are the protagonists of the scenes, the glittering names of the tabloid world who cannot get enough of entertaining you in show business? Of course Bows like me. Having fun is really nice to me, I add happiness to your happiness…

As a person who loves excitement, I am sure it will not surprise you that I am fond of games of chance. That bright world is almost dazzling my eyes and creates a feeling of pleasure in my soul that is difficult to avoid. It is of course possible that I will lose big money in this sparkling and fake world, but it is really hard to hold myself in the face of the charm of the enthusiasm I feel inside me!

Think of a breeze to understand me better. Sometimes I am quite hard, sometimes hard, and sometimes you never know where to blow. Do not be suddenly angry, nervous, do not worry you at all. Even if I have a huge burst of anger, likely, I will soon knock on your door to apologize. Unfortunately, I am not one of the people who calculate a few steps ahead, I would be glad if you accept me like this.

As for love… I have to point out that if you are in love with a Sagittarius woman or man like me, you should be both very lucky and very careful. Yes, it is a fact; You will feel that I bring vitality to your life, that you are enlightened with my joy, that I color your world with my dreams, that your adventures and pleasures are exhilarated. So what will you have to pay attention to? No pressure, no blocking, no restrictions!

Are you in a difficult situation, I will open my arms wide to you? Do you need an honest opinion, I’ll tell the truth to the end. Are you bored, I make you feel like wings and scatter the dark clouds over you. Do you want to make your dreams come true, take me with you, I am on every road with you?
I’m sure you want to run with me now. What are you waiting for?

Sagittarius from the mouth of Sagittarius


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