Planets in Astrology; The positions of the planets at the time we are born and their aspects with other planets actually play a determining role in many issues in our lives. It determines our personality, just like the time and place we were born. On the other hand, it also provides information about certain turning points and moments of destiny in our lives. This is exactly the reason why people with the same sign do not live the same life and have the same character. Planets in the solar system constantly revolve around the Sun at certain periods and emit some cosmic rays during their rotation. The importance of these for us; The meanings they contain and the fact that they create certain effects through the cosmic rays they emit on the world, man and all other units during their course.

Planets in Astrology

Planets in Astrology

We cannot think signs without planets. Each of these planets at the different signs occur our birth chart and our destiny. Need to know that qualification of the planet and their impacts on the signs. When you read on, you will realize there are the sun and the moon which are not planet, yet astrology involves them in planets. Since Earth is located between Venus and Mars, Mercury, Mars and Venus are called inner planets. Additionally, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are superior planets. Also, the planets move forwards and backwards depending on their speed and orbits. Each planet has its own characteristics. Except this, may hard to describe Uranus, Neptune and Pluto exactly.  So what do the planets we hear the names of all the time in astrology? Do you know your sign’s ruling planet? Here are the meanings of the planets in astrology and the ruling planets of the signs…
Let’s begin with qualifications of our unique planets.


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