Planet of the Love Venus. As the feminine planet, she is regarded as the goddess of beauty and famous. Her bright gives her to second object situation among the planet and stars, so Venus is responsible for beauty. Cause of Venus rules 2nd and 7th house, she represents relationships such as marriage and business, also money and finance issues. Venus is responsible for the balance system, hands and fingers, veins, hormones and glands, throat, skin, mouth, waist, back, veins, kidney, internal genitals, sweat glands and erotic areas, small blood circulation, reproductive system, uterine fluids, urinary problems.

Venus love is a way of sharing love, passion, aesthetics, togetherness, friendship, money in life. It represents sisters and young women in life. Venus makes beauty live in those areas in any house.

Planet of the Love Venus

Venus is the planet of love. In which sign Venus is in the natal charts, the person’s approach to love shows what kind of people he / she will like emotionally. It symbolizes the colorful, cheerful and happy elements of life. Friendship, love, love, peace, tranquility, aesthetics and enthusiasm come into life with him. The pleasure and talents taken from artistic fields are under the influence of this planet. It gives interest to theater, dance, painting, sculpture, fashion and aesthetics. Venus almost feels like a riot of color coming into a dark room, the flood of emotion flowing into our souls from the musical instrument, the effect of the shining sparkle of a jewel. Without Venus, the world would be a mediocre place where these beauties could not be perceived.

Taurus and Libra are rulers of Venus, Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus stays in each sign of the zodiac for about 25-35 days. Venus retrograde takes an average of 40 days and switches to retro position every 1.5 years. The tour around the sun takes 225 days.

Positive reflections; Peace-loving, mediating, moderate, positive energy, peaceful, elegant, polite, cheerful, with high aesthetic taste, patient.
Negative reflections; flirtatious, delightful, wasteful, believing easy, spirited, jealous, lazy.


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