Pisces from the mouth of Pisces

Pisces from the mouth of Pisces. When you look at the symbol of Pisces, you will see two pictures of fish going in different directions. This is about the production I had a hard time deciding on the events. My mood is changeable, like the sea fluctuating with the effect of the wind. Sometimes it is stormy and sometimes I am quite calm. My emotions sometimes require me to be pessimistic, like the deep darkness. Do not exclude me for this feature; Because this turbulent state of mine allows me to achieve great success, add beauty to the world, and surprised you.

Pisces from the mouth of Pisces

My imagination is very wide. I can say that when you enter the dreamy world of a Pisces, you can get lost in it. You can guess that my dreams are also very colorful.

The ambition to rise in most people seems to have never come near me. There are no such expectations in my world. I cannot say that I care a lot about wealth. Of course, I enjoy comfortable living, but these are not my essentials. I should add though, that my ruling planet Jupiter is often generous to me. We can come to terms with you unless you close my windows to the dream world. Sometimes I can be indifferent and indifferent to the course of the world. In this case, please don’t force me, I remind you that each person has a different character. It is difficult for me to accept the facts and to resist difficulties. I know I have to get over this issue, but I often postpone it.

Yes, I also want you to know that I am a joking person. Sometimes my sarcastic jokes can bother you at friend meetings, so do not be upset. Let me admit that I have little confidence in myself. I do not know what to do because I suddenly became pessimistic with a small incident. The chaos I am experiencing can make me feel like I’m in a vortex or disoriented. Sometimes I have trouble defending myself when I am being wronged. Did you say logic? Unfortunately, I do not know that perception very well. My sensuality takes precedence over my logic, and I often experience the handicaps of this.

My wish from life is to live happily and happily like you. As for which field of work I will achieve spiritual satisfaction; I am undecided about it. Sometimes I go in one direction, sometimes the other, and uncertainty about what to do is my biggest obstacle. My soul will be comfortable and successful in jobs where I can use my imagination. Please pay attention to Balıklar, who appears as a good theater artist, musician, writer, painter; You will find that we are capable enough to amaze you. I can create masterpieces of art using my five senses.

The moderate and harmonious nature of my relationships with people sometimes causes them to evaluate me differently. So, there may be people who think I’m an easy bite sometimes. When faced with such a situation, I prefer to take it from the bottom, but you should know that when I get really angry, I can make hurtful speeches. I expect a lot from my friends, that’s true. I idealize them in my head and I am often disappointed in the end. My situations that change from day to day may cause them to be surprised too. While one day is so fun and joyful, the next day they may not understand my introversion. It would be wrong to say that I want to be alone, but from time to time I want to retreat to my world.

Another thing I want to confess to you about myself is that I have a greater vulnerability to stimulants that give pleasure than other people. One of your Pisces friends around you may have been unable to bear the burden of life and was caught in the circle of alcohol. Yes, we Pisces sometimes find it difficult to get lost in the vortex of deep waters and rise to the surface; Then we can go to comfort ourselves with alcohol. Of course, we cannot say that this is a cure for our troubles; We just want to put another curtain on our eyes who don’t want to see the facts, that’s all.

As a Pisces, I will either rise above and enjoy life. Sometimes I want to swim in very calm and sometimes in rough seas. Or I’ll go deep and drown. I want to use my right to choose. Please understand me…

Pisces from the mouth of Pisces


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