Partner Horoscopes. There are two fundamentally different types of the “big” partnership horoscopes, as they are also available here. These partner horoscopes are also calculated in different ways.
The normal partnership horoscope – also called synastry – shows the relationship between the two partners. This partner horoscope shows the mutual influence of the partners on one another. It describes the development opportunities you see and strive for in your partnership. It tells you how and where you focus and which topics are particularly important for both. You can imagine that the two individual horoscopes are placed on top of each other like transparent foils.

The composite partner horoscope, like the combination, is based on the idea that the relationship between two people creates something completely new. The composite describes the relationship as such and not the partners themselves. Here, a new common relationship horoscope is calculated from the two individual horoscopes—a very interesting perspective for many people in their partnerships. You can calculate a short composite partner horoscope for free here.
A normal partner horoscope always looks at both partners. It’s always about two very specific people. Therefore it only makes sense with (as precise as possible) the birth time of both. The ascendant and thus the astrological houses are determined by time (and place).

Only then can one say how the respective planetary energies are implemented in practice. Since the ascendant walks through a sign in about 2 hours, the houses can be shifted by one sign if the times are approximate, and planets can then be in the neighbouring house…

And if the time is not known, all relevant information is pure speculation!

If you do not know the time of birth, we have to create the (partner) horoscopes with a fictitious time (usually 12:00) in order to be able to calculate at all, but then we do not guarantee the correctness of the statements, the planetary positions in houses of Ascendant and Medium Coeli, as well as aspects related to them…

More generally, and even without a specific partner in mind, one can say “Who suits me?” Create a horoscope.
Also, note the possibilities of the personality test to shed light on a partnership!


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