Partner Horoscope, Partnership, Love and Sex in Horoscope. Everyone wants to love and be loved – nobody is an island.
With the help of astrology – the interpretation of the arrangement of the stars at the time of birth – some cliffs on the way to love and relationship can be understood and avoided. You can learn to understand yourself and your partner better (for better or for worse).
Why does a woman love a man with whom there are only problems, but whom she simply cannot give up? Why does a man adore a woman and yet never meet her? Why does someone look for a dream partner for a lifetime, but always comes across the “wrong person”? Why do relationship patterns repeat themselves? Why why why…
“Which zodiac sign suits me?” is one of the most common questions about astrology. We can learn a lot about our partner and us if we use astrology or a horoscope to help. Therefore, a horoscope or the knowledge of zodiac signs etc. is often a welcome help when looking for a partner.

Who with whom?

For the answer to the question “Do our star signs/signs of the zodiac (i.e. sun signs) match?” there are rules of thumb like Capricorn goes with Aries, Libra, Taurus or Aries conversely goes with Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus and Capricorn or Taurus, Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Leo goes with a Cancer or Sagittarius goes well with Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini goes with ….. under What is the character of the man in your heart? (“Herzensmann”) and what is the character of the woman of your love? (“Frauenherz”) there is more information.

But in reality, there is also an Aries who does not get along with the actual suitable lion, but with the theoretically unfavourable Aquarius or Pisces. The astrological explanation is simple – the zodiac sign is only one of very many factors that are important in the horoscope of two people, especially when love is important!

A complete partner horoscope, therefore, has a lot more to consider than just the zodiac sign. It illuminates many facets of a relationship. Astrology can contribute to mutual understanding and thus to a more harmonious relationship.

I have already put together a few options here, which together result in a small partnership horoscope – free of charge, of course. Just try it out!

Moon: If you are e.g. If you are surprised that you don’t get along with one Aquarius at all and the other Aquarius just fine, the moon may give you the answer. Do you calculate e.g. the moon drawing for both and compare it to your own. You will probably be surprised by the result.

Venus: The goddess of love also plays an important role in the horoscope. It tells us a lot about how we approach a relationship, how romantic we are, how we show love. Among other things, Venus provides clues as to which type of woman a man is attracted to. In the “micro” partner horoscope you can see this right here for free.

If you would like to know more about Venus in yourself or in your (possible) partner – to be continued.

Mars: The position of Mars in a woman’s horoscope is often a pretty good indicator of the type of man she finds attractive.

Here is a small test on the subject of “the ideal man”, in which Mars answers the question of what a woman finds attractive in a man. – It is more detailed in the “Who suits me?” Horoscopes.


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