New Moon in Virgo 17 September 2020. The New Moon will occur at 25 degrees in Virgo on September 17, 2020. Virgo is related to working, business life, our daily routines, health-related issues. This impact, which will last until the end of September, will make us more focused on our business and responsibilities. We went on a vacation in the summer, we had fun, even though there were restrictions, we tried to have fun. Maybe we gained weight, took a short break from our daily work and responsibilities. We entered the Virgo season with September. Now is the time to complete our unfinished business, to resume a healthy life and health routines where we left off.

New Moon in Virgo 17 September 2020

In the chart of the moment, we see a harmonious angle with a very tight tolerance from Saturn to the degree of the new moon. This angle will provide us with the system and discipline we need. We will now take the wind behind us in patience, persistence, making the necessary obstacles and resisting in order to move on to the next stage.

There are some obstacles to discipline and order. The new moon degree is also taking a hard angle from Neptune. In contrast to Saturn, this is a chaotic and irregular effect. It can lead us to relax and confusion. So for about 15 days, something will encourage us to let go and something to show determination. I think the positive way this combination works is to dedicate ourselves to something, to focus devotedly on our duties and responsibilities. So we can use the wind or the waves of the seas to our advantage.

Sagittarius is the rising of the moment chart. The degree of the New Moon is in the 9th house of the chart and Jupiter is in the 1st house of the chart. All this shows that these study topics can be related to education, foreign affairs, press and publication. We must be willing to take responsibility, self-sacrificing and ego-free in order to move ourselves to the next level, grow and expand.

If we go to the comments through the Horoscope;


The New Moon will energize your working life. You can start a new education for your career. You can also start a new health routine and adopt a pet. There may be some confusion, misunderstandings or disruptions in the journeys in communicative matters.


Your love life can move in this New Moon. You can start new relationships. Your child’s health, if any, will be on the agenda in the upcoming period. You should be careful about the issues that you will pay until the end of September and you should not take risks in your investments.


Marriage, family and home issues will come to the fore. During this period, you can invest in real estate. It is a very convenient time for home-related tasks such as decoration and cleaning. There may be some confusion in matters related to your career.


Issues related to communication, close environment and relatives will be on the agenda in the New Moon. You can take short trips. It is a time when you need to take care of your health. You may experience some disappointments, misunderstandings about distant relatives, relatives of the spouse. There may also be confusion in academic matters.


The new moon will have an impact on what you have and financial matters. You can make new agreements and get new sources of income. You can make important purchases. While making these expenses, if you are going into debt or taking out a loan or doing a business with partners, it is useful to think twice and take a step. The topics of love and children also come to the fore.


You can make new beginnings regarding your job and health in this New Moon, which concerns the whole of your life. It is a very convenient time to start sports and physical activities. You should try not to get away from the truth and not to be confused about bilateral relations.


It’s time to retreat and work! You also need to take care of your health because this issue is in a situation that brings confusion for you during this period. You will experience a month-end with intense education, communication and mental activity.


You can enter new circles and make new friends on New Moon. You can also make a new project or business deal, get new sources of income or have a new monthly income. Love topics will be a bit confusing and uncertain during this period.


You can give a new direction to your career. Your title may change or you may be promoted. You can spend your financial resources on business-related topics or learn new skills that will be useful in your job. There are uncertainties regarding home and family issues.


For you, the focus of this period will be education, academic issues, foreign subjects, and although these issues contain some uncertainty, you can start or conclude an academic subject with the right strategy and investment, have a new academic identity or get a certificate.


Financial issues can be made new beginnings, a new payment or loan may be in question. There may be confusion or misunderstanding regarding these issues. It is beneficial not to enter into agreements that are not well thought out.


There are some uncertainties in your life and this is reflected in your bilateral relations. But you get support from your circle of friends. You can start new relationships with people your friends have introduced, or your intimacy with a friend can progress to friendship.


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