Mercury the Communication Service; Mercury represents all information, communication, travel, communication. Mercury in the natal chart shows the intelligence, respiratory system and nervous system of the human body and directly affects them. In this way, we can analyze how our intelligence affects its functioning, our abilities such as perceiving, connecting, and controlling. It manages the nervous system, lungs and thyroid gland in the body.

The ideal education can be decided by looking at which sign, house and aspects of Mercury. Speech and sensory organs, nervous system, reflexes, vocal cords, breathing, thyroid gland, five senses and breathing. Mercury shows the mindset, perception, abilities, communication and speaking ability, intelligence. Represents younger siblings in life. In whichever house Mercury is in, we use the mind in that area.

Mercury stays approximately 2 or 3 weaks in each sign of the zodiac. Also, it is ruler of the third and sixth house. Virgo and Gemini rule the Mercury. Maybe that’s why Gemini is chatterer! It’s harmful in Pisces and Sagittarius. Mercury orbits the sun in 88 days.

Mercury the Communication Service

Mercury go retrograde 3 or 4 times a year.

Mercury governs organizational ability, perception, thinking, speaking, writing, collecting and spreading data, curiosity about learning, judgment. In addition, it includes the areas of harmony, versatile capabilities, rules, scrutiny, reporting, and response.

Mercury also plays a role in vital areas such as trade, import and export, shopping, travel, and the aptitude for learning foreign languages. It is also the planet that represents libraries, short travels. At the same time, it is directly related to manuscripts, old and new documents, inscriptions, contracts. So this includes occupational groups: ambassadors, writers, publishers, merchants, mentors, teachers and students, university students, secretaries, bankers, mathematicians, radioists, journalists, translators, linguists, poets, scientists, orators, analysts. Mercury the Communication Service

Positive reflections: strong memory, sharp and practical intelligence, effective speech ability, broad vision, strong adaptability.
Negative repercussions: lying, sarcasm, theft, excessive criticism, failure to deliver on promises.


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