Libra from the mouth of Libra

Libra from the mouth of Libra. First of all, let’s take a look at the object that represents my horoscope to understand me. My picture with the scales, which is the symbol of balance and justice, tells how important rights and laws are for me. This also means that with a small weight it is only a matter of time before it becomes unbalanced.

Libra from the mouth of Libra

My indecision is always after me like my shadow! Whether we don’t go there, how it will be there now in this season, I wonder if we go somewhere else, I can’t decide… I wonder if I buy this sweater or that snow-patterned one suits me better! Unfortunately, I am a Libra. I cannot immediately decide what to do in the face of an incident and I can really have a hard time in this regard. I sometimes cannot get out of the business by constantly calculating both pros and cons. But once I make up my mind that is certain now, nobody can deter me until I get what I want.

I may not be so extraordinarily beautiful to fall in love with at first sight. But ahh my ruling planet Venus, that Venus! It creates such an allure to me! It’s only a matter of time before you notice me in a community. Extremely impressive, elegant, sweet face, crystal-clear voice, and an aesthetic person in all aspects… What more!

My soul seems to be systematized on calculating everything. It is as if my whole body and emotions are on the scale of a scale and are incredibly sensitive. You know this, enough. I like balance, and when it breaks down, I will do whatever I can to bring it back to the same level. I would like to create the serenity in my inner world in my outer world. I believe that the virtue of life is to be just and I invite people to be just. Although the concept of virtue varies from person to person, my view is to behave humanely in all matters and to stand at an equal distance to everyone. I almost have to balance and reconcile people. If two of my friends are torn, I feel great inner satisfaction to bring them together and reconcile. I feel as if the peace of the world has been achieved. We Libra represent the judgment. The best lawyers, prosecutors, and judges follow our horoscope. The issues of defense, reconciliation, and finding the right place with the natural sense of justice within us are the duties we take on us.

I am a very curious person. We are very interested in the inner worlds and private lives of others. I also like to give a reason, guide people, and intervene in their decisions. I am your best friend candidate with my well-intentioned attitudes, friendship, helpfulness, and sincerity. I may be the first person that comes to your mind in emergencies. But know that when I am in trouble, I expect the same behavior from you. I care very much that my loved ones love me sincerely. I’m not one of those people who succumb to my easy temper. It is hardly possible to see me flashing and wreaking havoc. In fact, I manage to control my nerves so well that I do not react by disrupting my courtesy and shouting, even if I am full of anger.

We Libra do not like loneliness, we enjoy being in communities and socializing. For this reason, I need to live in the city center, in the metropolis. Remote, quiet towns with no people are not for me. Besides, my soul enjoys wealth, luxury, and vanity. I enjoy showing up in places where elite people go and meeting people from different backgrounds. The things I like are always above the standards. I understand quality, I am a very qualified person anyway!

I enjoy understanding people, examining their values, goals, and social relationships. Sociology, religion, psychology are the branches that attract my attention. Therefore, I would like to chat with people on these issues. If you see someone in a community discussing at length and expressing their ideas with all their subtleties, that’s me! However, the tensions are very irritated by the fights between people, and if I encounter such a situation, I prefer to get away from that environment quietly. Do not be fooled by our generally accommodating, calm appearance, know that when we realize that injustice has been done to someone when we witness their rights being defeated, we will show our stern face.
Material is really necessary for us to be happy. We love to spend money on having fun, traveling, and dressing well. We don’t see these behaviors as waste. Buying expensive gifts for our friends and making them happy makes us Libra very happy.

Art direction, studies in literature, beauty expertise, and stylism are the areas where we expose the beauty in our inner world. However, we do not prefer to make a lot of effort or worry about making money from these branches. We are a little lazy to admit.

Everyone says they have at most a few true friends in life. They say it doesn’t even exceed the fingers of a hand. If you are looking for a true friend that you can lean on in any situation and condition, here I am!


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