Leo Monthly Horoscope for October 2020. With the effect of the Full Moon at the beginning of the month, topics such as travels to distant places, distant relatives, legal issues, international relations, import, export, sales, marketing, public relations, publicity, prominent people, promotion may be on your agenda.

You can experience good positive developments in legal matters, travel abroad may come to the agenda, job seekers can start a job in a multinational company this period, especially.

Leo Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

The topics you will focus on for a month will be home, home, family, and residential issues. Some of you may take steps to change your home, some of you may be interested in buying and selling issues in your life, and some of you may be interested in repairs and renovations at home

Venus transits into Virgo on October 2. Your luck opens up in your business life. If you are considering a new investment, you are at the right time to buy it. You can add money to your money. You may experience improvements in your career life. You can get support from your manager. You are in the appropriate period to apply for a job.

Mercury retrograde begins on October 14. We are entering a period where we can experience tension in family relations and home life. We may have conflicts with our parents and question each other’s decisions.
It is beneficial not to be stubborn and fixed-minded, and not to break the hearts of family members with our words. If we are planning to take action on real estate purchases and sales, it would be useful to wait after October 28.

The New Moon begins on October 16th. We focus on issues related to the immediate environment and our siblings, communication, travels, education. We may receive surprise news from our siblings, cousins ​​or our immediate environment.

It may be that we travel a lot during this period. If we’ve had a training planned for a while, it’s time to start. If we have a child, there may be good developments regarding his education. We will be extremely active in social media environments. It is possible for us to sign successful agreements and show ourselves in meetings and presentations.

Leo Monthly Horoscope for October 2020


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