Leo from the mouth of Leo

Leo from the mouth of Leo. First, let’s take a look at the creature that represents Leo to understand me. Who is the person who comes with the pretense that I created those arrogant little mountains, who looks extremely brave and proud? Yes, it’s me, Aslan. Gather all of you and bow respectfully before the king of the woods.

Leo from the mouth of Leo

Indeed, it is not a coincidence that most of the rulers, kings, and queens who ruled the countries throughout history are from Leo. Maybe I’m not a king or queen, but my soul takes great pleasure in leading everyone, being the head of the rope. Well know, a Lion is so magnificent that he will not lose his rule to anyone else, neither in nature nor in the world of man.

My sign is ruled by the planet Sun. When I access an environment, I immediately catch my eye. I am perceived by my environment just as the sun radiates warmth and brightness around it. My reassuring personality, humorous and warm gestures allow me to be a sought-after friend among people.

I like being in communities and showing up in social situations. I also like bringing people together and leading them. He never likes loneliness, I want a lot of friends around me. I take great pleasure in meeting my friends, as I am a loved one, sought after, and a joyful person. If you come to visit my house, you can be sure that I will welcome you like a king. You can imagine that as a Leo, I will not avoid luxury, exaggeration. However, I would like to be the center of attention of my guests. Because if I cannot, I sit in a corner like a spoiled, offended child and try to focus my attention. Sometimes you may think we are arrogant. It is true that because of our superiority, we tend to see ourselves a little bit bigger than humans. However, I think we deserve to be praised for being intelligent, admired, accepted, talented and cheerful people. If anyone thinks otherwise, please get out of my way, what I need to notice is next!

Yes; I love being praised and caressing my manes. If you flatter our pride and avoid hurt, it will be of your benefit. Otherwise, with my claws and my terrifying roar, I can destroy you in one blow! Please get used to the glorification of me in my speech, although you don’t like it very much. Likely, I will not go to extremes, exaggerate pride, disdain people, greed in the pursuit of power. But it’s not in my hand, this is the handicap I fell into!

Nobody can pour water on my hands if I decide on the field in which I will specialize in my career. Indeed, when the energy from the Sun is combined with my abilities, I will not have a hard time climbing the steps and reaching my goals. I am aware that I can be happy and successful in professions that I will be able to prove my leadership that will attract more attention and therefore satisfies my pride.

Did you need money, did you knock on my door? Come in here. As a Leo, I will always be ready to do my best for you. I am happy if I can help you. Money is as valuable to me as anyone else, but it’s there to spend! It is a passion for me to keep banknotes together and to spend the joys of life! You can be sure that if you catch my eyes and praise me constantly and make speeches that highlight my pride, I will spend a fortune on you. Of course, I do not know how long your endurance will last. While you may admire my openness, you can sometimes be very angry with my extravagance. What do I do when I’m in trouble? Don’t be afraid, I’ll never knock on your door to help me! I’d better die than I can accept that. I’d better die than throw my pride to the ground. You can be sure that I will find a way out and get me together as soon as possible.

I would like to admit that there is a childish production under my strong and flashy appearance. Don’t be fooled by the sight of a Lion. Also, keep in mind the fact that my heart is very fragile and I can easily get hurt! If you break my pride, if you humiliate me, I will withdraw and I will not compromise you until I take my heart. So if you want to reclaim me, your most effective weapon will of course be to count and pour out my good sides. Then you can see me transforming from a Lion into a cat, muttering under your knees, and falling asleep in your lap.

I plan my life very well. I cannot show humility in this matter. I think carefully about what method I should follow to endure the sharp bends in the life path and take my steps firmly. For this reason, I find the strength to live and live the life I dream of.

I have always stood behind the promises I made in my life. I thought the promises made to me would always be kept. I have to admit that there is a production open to the exploitation of people. I have to accept the fact that some of the people gathered around me are with me just to look after my interests. But if I sense that the person in front of me is not a friend but a malicious enemy, then I can say that I will not hesitate to knock him over with my strong claws. Be you, try never to mistake a Leo.

Is it love? Love is very important to me. Both males and females, Lions can become strongly attached to someone they can truly love and lead a beautiful life to the person they walk with.
Do you want a true friend that you can knock on when you get stuck? Are you looking for a friend who is strong, strong in character, and fond of you? Do you need a partner to realize your dreams together? Or are you looking for a way of love that will fully own you? If you come to accept my weaknesses, ring the bell, I’m behind the door.


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