King of the Planets Jupiter, Fortune and abundance planet. As the masculine planet, he is regarded as the growth, healing, expansion, good fortune, so it expands the house where it is located. University and postgraduate as a higher education, foreign travel and long distance travel, and also wealth situations are covered by Jupiter. Jupiter expresses the abundance and fertility in life, luck, vision, religious inclination, education, and the gifts that life brings. In whichever house, it expands there, seizes opportunities and makes wealth. 2nd and 9th and also 12th house are ruled by Jupiter. Due to Venus represents money like the Jupiter represents wealth, Jupiter covers 2nd house. The planet Jupiter has a lot to do with our base metabolism.

It gives the speed of metabolism with Mars in the horoscope. In particular, Jupiter is the main reason behind obesity and other weight problems. Also Jupiter includes hips, sciatic nerves, liver, gallbladder and fluids, abdominal area, lung, insulin, thighs, pancreas, growth of cells. Jupiter governs all scientific initiatives, ethnic communities, government services, collective work, and the religion of every nation. It enables nations to create new ideas with broad thoughts and also enables the spread of different ideas in the world and the development of creativity.

King of the Planets Jupiter

They are areas that are under both legal and media control. This planet, which also manages medicines, is also known for being a great healer.

The rulers of Jupiter are Pisces and Sagittarius and also exalted in Cancer. Virgo position is harmful.  Jupiter retrograde once a year, and the duration is 4 months. Jupiter stays in each sign of the zodiac for a year. Additionally, Jupiter orbits the sun in 12 years

Positive reflections: just, sublime volunteering, benevolent, generous, honorable, noble, honest, lucky, good-natured, visionary, loyal, reliable, kind Negative repercussions: wasteful, fanatical, making wrong decisions, ignorant, shallow-minded, reckless, reckless, reckless, insensitive, disrespectful, arrogant, indifferent. King of the Planets Jupiter


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