Intuitive Neptune. Pisces rules the Neptune. Ruling house of 12th house. Neptune, the female planet, represents intuitions, addictions, spirituality, and dreams. It exalted in Cancer, weak in Capricorn and harmful in Virgo. Neptune orbits the sun in 165 years. It stays in one sign for about 14 years.
Neptune in Mythology is Poseidon. Aura, lymph nodes, pituitary glands, feet, brain pineal, abdominal cavity are the parts of the human body that it affects. Neptune represents the sensitivity of the soul, the intensity of intuition and dreams. It is part of the trend towards spiritual matters. Empathize with perceptions, heal with the ability to heal. In whichever house Neptune is in, person is altruistic in that house.

Intuitive Neptune

It represents deep emotions, intuitions, the subconscious. Supernatural forces are under the control of this planet. It is concerned with the abstract side of the world, not the concrete side. It is necessary to perceive Neptune as a vast sea, to know that it enables to find a way with spiritual forces and to use human emotions in the material world we live in.
Sometimes, by using the waves of this sea, the individual can carry himself to the upper level by using the feelings of intuition, imagination, depth, internality. This planet is the one that rules the arts. Artists’ inspiration is also related to Neptune. Music, literature, dance, painting, photography, etc. Artists interested in art can make a difference with the effect of this planet.

The spiritual awareness and open vision of the planet Neptune can shed a light on one’s achievement of his goals. The point one should pay attention while moving with the light of this lantern; The lantern follows the path it shows, it does not lose itself in the imagination.

Positive reflections:

creativity, sensitivity, openness of perception, acceptance, compassion, imagination, strong intuition, universality, faithful, loyal, sensitive.

Negative reflections:

Dreamy, strange, easily influenced, overly sensitive, difficult to see the facts, quickly deceived, weak, willful, anxious, lazy, lack of concentration.

Intuitive Neptune


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