Gemini from the mouth of Gemini

First, let’s take a look at the image representing the sign of Gemini to understand me. The human figure, which consists of identical and double views, is almost as if it describes the different character in me. Sometimes very cheerful, sometimes still, my feelings and thoughts are in the tide. This is the person in my inner voice ideal, the other voice says you might be wrong! Here are me and other Gemini people who make you dizzy with their changeable moods…

Gemini from the mouth of Gemini

If I asked you to think about the weather and the wind to express myself! When it was sunny, did the clouds suddenly take over? While the wind was blowing softly, did it suddenly blowhard and surprise you? Did the day turn tonight, you do not realize. Here are the sentences that explain our character. If you are a fixed person, your job is really difficult for me to say. Our fluctuating state may surprise you a little, or even wear it out. But unfortunately, there is not much I can do. Sudden changes, different faces, different emotions are in our nature.

We are ruled by the planet Mercury. Thanks to my planet that is closest to the Sun and moves very fast my mind and therefore my soul are in constant motion with it.

Have a look around you. If there is someone who keeps running around, flows easily from one job to another, easily handles complex issues with his sharp intelligence, Mercury is in a very important position in those people’s maps. The statement that ten fingers have ten tricks is used for us. Because I have likely made a career as a Gemini and a child!

Yes, my work is like a chore; My food is always ready on time, housework is done on time, and the children’s homework is already finished. Was an organization required? Leave it to me. Organizing perfect invitations is my area of ​​interest. I have a superior ability to handle tasks that are difficult for many and complicated by using my giftedness along with my communication skills. Do not think that I will have a hard time doing these. You don’t have one person in front of you, I am just a few. Did you forget?

I cannot show much patience to those who are indecisive, who do not know what they are doing, who are conservative, who cannot progress in life. I evaluate people in line with their intelligence, wisdom, skills, and achievements and choose among them. So I don’t accept everybody as a friend.

In general, I move very fast under the influence of Mercury. For me, you can use the phrase roof here, roof behind the door. Let me tell you the possibilities that can happen to you if we make a program together; For example, we decided to go to dinner with you and then to the cinema.

While I’m going to the movies, I might think of some of the things I need to do. I expect you to forgive me with a pretty face, with a thousand and one apologies, in case I take care of them but give up on cinema. As you see; Just like the weather changes, so have I. Unfortunately, my dear doesn’t want to keep up with the schedule we are doing anymore. Please understand and don’t expect me to change.

The production that suddenly changes the decision; causes me to experience many changes in my work and love life. A large mass of people in social work in the same workplace for years and retire from that job. Regardless of the circumstances, these are people who have learned to accept and are afraid of breaking the routine. However, for me, it is extremely simple and usual to change my lifestyle, work, and place of residence. Living in a vicious circle is not for me. If I have to do this, I feel like we are in prison.

Do not confuse me with other people who accept everything. Especially don’t expect me to be like them, if you embrace it as I am, the situation will be less tiring for you. You should know that you will have a lot of fun with me thanks to the energetic, gentle, cute production. Do not expect me to be attached to your own ideas, attitudes, beliefs. I have to say that I will give you extremely daring answers to you in the face of your competition with me and trying to overcome it with words. While you are in the A of the alphabet, I am in Z. Know that too!

Because of my strong social intelligence, my communication being strong and versatile, I have a very good speakers. If you examine famous literati, politicians, and pioneers in the media industry throughout history, you will witness that these people are twins.

By my nature, I automatically attract all the attention with my speeches. Can I talk quickly and make you dizzy or make what you passionately believe suddenly seem stupid to you. Do you now find this idea absurd and believe you need to change yourself? I don’t know if you started to say that you would do something that you never did? I am naturally convincing and very strong. There is nothing to do, so be alert and don’t be fooled by me. You should now understand well; Gemini is equal: agile, analytical intelligence, persuasion, and assertive sanction. Please weigh the strength of the person sitting in front of you before entering the argument and go to war accordingly!

Another remarkable feature of me is my ability to learn more than one language. Issues that are difficult for many people are easy for me. If you take into account that I have limitless imagination, you can clearly see the picture that comes out. I really deserve to be admired right?

What I have mentioned about my character not only opens important doors for me in life but also causes me difficulties in some issues. I have a soul and body who always want more from life, get bored with everything quickly, and are not satisfied with what they have, always looking high. Is this his ideal job, have I found the man or woman of his life? Don’t ask, because I don’t know either. I fly around with my changes, immersed in the wind.

If you are with someone who is a Gemini, my advice to you is that you never forget that the other person has a twin. He will always have to live with me and my twin brother; sometimes you will think that we are triplets, quadruplets, or quinces, and you will be stunned day by day at these changes!
If you accept them besides my beautiful qualities, it is possible for us to get along like a rose. But if you don’t understand me, I say disappear when the road is close.


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