Main things you should know: Inner self, father, home and living home environment, parents, our roots.

  • Ruling Sign: Cancer (Summer Equinox)
  • Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Powerful Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
  • Harmful Planet: Saturn
  • Weak Planet: Mars
  • Gender: Female

Fourth House In Astrology

Fourth House In Astrology. Cancer is the water element, cardinal and corner house. “It is the cardinal house.” Coinciding with 180 ° opposite position is Capricorn and rules the tenth house. The starting point of the 4th house is the point at the bottom of the chart. For this reason, it is referred to by names such as, ‘midnight point’, ‘nadir point’. Its Latin name is ‘Imum Coeli’ (IC). From this point on, our task is to integrate our parts around an inner center (me). The concept of ‘Me’ here will be the basis of our identity from now on. We will structure our inner home based on what we find in this house.

The fourth house tells about the place you live in, your family life, and what kind of house you want to live in. The tenth house is; While explaining your career and your stance in front of society, it also includes topics that gain value for you in the future. The fourth house gives information about your roots, your relationships with your parents and especially your father. Real estates and immovable properties are also within the scope of the fourth house. It is also a subjective area that tells your inner self, that is, your subconscious, when you stay alone and descend into the depths of your soul. In the analysis of this house, one’s fears and needs are clearly seen. The last moments of life are also associated with this house.

Fourth House In Astrology

In the health area: all fluid flow in the body, blood, urine, stomach, breasts, uterus, lymph nodes and respiratory tracts


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