Main Things: Showing talents to the outside world, children, romantic relationships, hobbies, stock market, sports, expressing, and expressing yourself creatively.
Ruling Sign: Leo
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Powerful Planet: Pluto
Harmful Planet: Saturn, Uranus
Weak Planet: Mercury
Gender: Male

Fifth House In Astrolohgy. Leo is the element of fire, it is fixed nature. It is “the secondary house”. The sign that corresponds to 180 ° opposite position is Aquarius, it rules the eleventh house. In other words aspect of Astrology: House of Pleasure.

Fifth House In Astrolohgy

In the 4th house, we discovered the depths of our soul, absorbed what we learned, and integrated our identity around a sense of self. However, revealing our self takes place in the 5th house. The fire of the 5th house spreads and dominates consciously, unlike the impulsive fire in the 1st. The self cheerfully fuels this fire. Since the nature of life is geared towards progress, the 5th house reflects the need to grow, become more and more, and shine sunshine into life.

The fifth house tells about speculative affairs, finance, the stock market, games of fortune, one’s hobbies, approach to the outside world, sense of entertainment, emotional life, the love he receives, and gives his devotions. Also, we can understand children, romance, sense of satisfaction, ability to drama, ability to show oneself, second siblings, casinos, ownership skills in men’s charts, the kind of need to be owned in women’s charts. However, we can find the person’s political view, the ideology he represents, and how he reflects this on society in the 5th house. The fifth house covers children, the joys of life, their transient love, sexual life, leisure activities, entertainment life, speculation, and risky games. If the eleventh house is; gives information about collective fields, groups, and tomorrows Expressing yourself by taking out from the depths of your soul and transferring what you want to do to your life is about the fifth house.

In the field of health: Circulatory system, heart, especially the back part of the body, pregnancy, arteries, cell regeneration.


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