Father Of Planets Saturn. Capricorn rules the Saturn and Saturn is the ruler planet of the 10th and 11th houses. Saturn has the power in Aquarius. Saturn exalted in Libra and weak in Aries, lower position in Cancer and Leo. It completes its tour in the zodiac in 29.5 years. It stays for two and a half years in a sign.

Cause of the calling father of planets is that being the biggest masculine planet among the planets and lights. Saturn expresses the disciplines, limits, lessons to be learned, fears in life. Represents the father, grandfather, and older men in life. In whichever house he experiences them and wants to teach. Saturn is generally known as a compelling planet. He makes all the necessary arrangements in that house during the long and painful period of 2.5 years in which the person stays in the house he entered on his map. It is like collecting the belongings of a disorganized room. The difficulties faced by the person are actually for the individual to discover the potentials that exist within. To reveal these, it brings trust, seriousness, organizational ability, willingness to take responsibility, the ability to plan, and diligence. All these help the individual to strengthen his own self and determine his path in life. For this, Saturn must be in a strong position in the map and have a positive angle with other planets.

Father Of Planets Saturn

Saturn returns to where it is in a person’s birth chart after 29.5 years. This cycle allows a person to transform from a raw state to a mature soul. When Saturn completes its cycle in the chart again, a person who is 58.5 years old can reach the level of wisdom. Those who reach the age of 87 witness the third cycle. These people, on the other hand, can have a great foresight ability with the education of Saturn.

Positive reflections:

Able to finish the job, disciplined, slow but cautious, patient, serious, dignified, hardworking, careful, realistic

Negative reflections:

secretive, self-interested, status-minded, low self-esteem, hard-hearted, ruthless, intolerant to failure, ruthless, stubborn, arrogant, passionate, arrogant, insincere, timid, cold

Father Of Planets Saturn


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