Emotional Planet-MOON; The Moon is close to the World as the Sun, so it affects our lifestyle. In a birthchart, the Moon’s position is so because it important reflects to us our feelings, behaviors and expressions. Our sensuality is affected from the Moon. Intuition and instinct take shape in here.

When examining in terms of human body, Moon manages the Uterus, chest diseases in women, cerebellum, mucous membrane, fertility, body fluids, stomach, abdomen, sweat gland, breasts, autonomic nervous system, lymph nodes, women’s 28-day menstrual cycle, digestive system, right eye in women, left eye in men.

Moon sign covers emotional needs, inner world, feelings, past. It represents the mother and important female figures in life. In whichever house the moon is in, one turns instinctively there. If your Moon sign is Cancer, you are strong there. This because ruling sign of it. Otherwise, Moon in Capricorn and Moon in Scorpio are weak there. I will explain in next articles why some of sign is powerful and other sign is harmful. At the same time, Moon is exalted in Taurus. And also Moon rule 4th house.

The Moon tells about one’s attitudes and attitudes towards life, subconscious, hidden aspects, premonitions, enthusiasm, desires, and the most mysterious feelings. The Moon completes its tour in the zodiac in 28 days, and it stays approximately 2,5 days in each signs.

Positive reflections

Emotional Planet-MOON

Emotional Planet-MOON. Benevolent, benign, romantic, innovative, ambitious, patriotic, family-bound, high empathy, being able to break a catch, social, high imagination, sensitive, sensitive, loyal. Negative reflections; coward, passive, anxious, variable emotions, job failure, childish attitudes, timid, not open to change, depressive, ambitious, irrational, overly fond, dependent on loved one, egoistic, guilty.

Thus far, we learned 2 important planet in birth chart. We will continue with communication planet Mercury.


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