Mean Things: Friends, peer groups, acquaintances, those who share the same ideals with the person, those who help the person directly or in the background, organizations, associations, social relations, social movements that support humanitarian goals, political ideals, modern times spirit, reforms, freedom, individuals to realize an ideal more comprehensive ambitions, future expectations and projects, clearly defined priorities, determining goals according to these priorities, self-orientation, goals, identifying with groups aimed at achieving the goal, strategic alliances, hopes, wishes, ideals.

Ruling Sign: Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Saturn, Uranus
Powerful Planet: Mercury
Weak Planet: The Sun
Weak Planet: Pluto
Gender: Male

Aquarius is the element of air, it is in fixed nature. “Succedent” is the house. The zodiac sign at 180 ° opposite is Leo and rules the fifth house. It is known as the House of Blessings.

Eleventh House In Astrology

By the end of the 10th house, we have come to the end of the road from nothing to self-realization. Now the ego is well-structured, it has played the role assigned to it properly, and has been recognized and paid for. Then what?

The collective consciousness of the person, the collective mind is under the rule of the 11th House. Friends, friends, professional environment and harmony with them, successes depending on others, the wishes of the person, the help they will receive from the friends and business circles in obtaining their desires, the attitude of the people who fall in love with themselves around them, step and adopted children can also be understood from this house. The competence of the wage earned from his job, the subjects he has the least control over the person, the communities to which he is attached, objective bias, the desire to intervene in the events, the perspective of others, dreams about the future, technological devices, electricity, public transportation vehicles, modern vehicles, recognition, reliability is also one of the subjects of the 11th house.

In the field of health: wrists, pituitary gland, body rhythm.


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