Mean Things: Death and afterlife, occult, crises, deep transformations, ability to be reborn, psychology, therapy, purification, everything that is veiled and deep, secrets, taboos, detective, beings of the soul, deepest sexual experiences, inheritance, tax, insurance, debts, shared resources, your spouse’s or partner’s assets and money, common money, the values ​​of others, the pooling of resources or energies in the common pot. Primal drives, our animal side. Entrance gate to the underground according to classical astrology.

Ruling Sign: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto
Strong Planet: Uranus
Harmful Planet: Venus
Weak Planet: Moon
Gender: Female

Eighth House In Astrology.Scorpio is the water element, it is fixed. “Succedent” house is another name. The sign coinciding with 180 ° opposite position is Taurus, it rules the second house. It is known as the House of Transformation.

Eighth House In Astrology

While the 2nd house shows my money and my values, the 8th house directly opposite shows our money, our values. The partnership was established in the 7th house, the commitment was made, and the resources were combined in the 8th house. The money earned by the spouse is the money earned in the partnership. But it’s not just about money, it’s about how we integrate with others. You care about this, I do that, how can we find a common point? The question is on the agenda. Values ​​come into play here. Power battles are represented in this house.

The fourth house tells the spiritual secrets of the map “in a personal sense” and the eighth house tells the spiritual + universal mysteries of the map. So what we understand here is that if one is curious about hidden topics (such as occultism, esotericism) beyond what one can find alone, we will look at the eighth house. Internal impulsive inclinations, (with the 1st House) sexuality + libido, way of incorporating sexuality into his life, perception style, secrets, mysterious issues, deep fantasies, hidden talents, things that the person hides, anger, hatred, the self that he cannot control, the shadowed side of his being, Matters like death are understood from the eighth house. However, sleep, deep research, parents’ secrets (usually learned in the future or not learned at all), effort, and competence to reveal the truth are among the subjects of the 8th House. This house also shows the moral, physical, and material aids that the person receives from others, inheritance, tax, obligations to others and the state, alimony to be received in case of divorce, and material resources that do not belong to him but will be useful.

In the field of health: Diseases that may cause death (if receiving support from the first and sixth house), genital organs, reproductive system, hemorrhoids, malignant tumors.


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