Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Zodiac Signs. Knowing the periods of mercury decline can help you plan your initiatives ahead of time,ıuj7 so your plans don’t go astray. So how will Mercury retrograde, which will continue until November 3, feel to the signs?

Mercury goes through retro three times each year. We call it stationary because it slows down before the decline. Mercury then begins to lose power, and therefore, new initiatives cannot do well during this period. In the period of Mercury retrograde, it’s best not to take any new jobs or stay where you are.

Here are the effects of Mercury’s retrograde on the signs…


With this retrograde, you will be untying the whole knot in a matter within you. Discard your excess. Change your belongings that are burdened both spiritually and around you. Are you really ready to take advantage of all kinds of big blows you have taken in this life, to learn some secrets you didn’t expect? Feeling the presence of emotions in you that make you immortal actually means making the right connection with the self within you. You can overcome the unreasonable stress in you. Do not lose your sense of vitality at this stage. Just because some things are not happening at that moment, it does not mean they will never happen. Some people are not as brave as you. Don’t feel so vulnerable. Accept this and continue on your way. Something will bloom in you that will keep you strong during this period. Do not neglect to balance your debt and keep your promises. Keep your hope alive. Mercury’s retro house is the 8th house, the home of miracles. Here, of course, a miracle will be yours. Perhaps you will realize that you are a miracle.


This retro stage will take you out to the outside world with better power. You will be able to see all the points of sincere and true devotion. You will have the opportunity to repair some cracks in it. Your old relationships may enter a period open to gaining a new relationship format. Your suspicions may increase this period. You can recycle anything you think is old. You are in a process where you have to realize what you want and how much. You may be experiencing burnout. You can control the explosive emotions inside you. You can learn about the issues running in the background in some of your partnerships. You may not feel safe with anyone and therefore be aggressive. Remember, Everyone deserves a second chance, but it ruins it too.


No matter how much we talk about this retro, we do not think that you will listen much because the planet is yours. At least try to overcome this scorpion regression by listening to yourself and not taking on excessive responsibilities. Your old job opportunities may come back to you. Or you may suddenly encounter an unexpected love adventure. As your business partner comes to the crossroads with you, all jobs may suddenly be left to you. This will be a stage of growth. This is not something that will embarrass you or make you unhappy. Some hidden issues may come before you. You may have to keep things private. You must be planning your daily routines very well. This situation may tire you. Take time for yourself and use this time to get rid of toxic relationships. Could everything that you do to make people happy remain your duty? Stop thinking you are being used.


This retro effect will take you to strong steps. You are at a suitable time to reveal some of your hidden emotions. A lot of delicate things are coming up to you these days. Spirituality will be a much-needed point for now. You have forced yourself to give up on many issues. We all know that giving up has never been an outfit for you. Terms and conditions forced you in this context. Now you will actually see that some things in your life have been eliminated by natural selection and new ones may be replaced. You may encounter some clear issues where you will feel that you can reconnect, love again, be successful again. Choose to use this period to heal yourself. Do not be angry with anyone. This period can be considered as a strong compensation process. You may be longing for an old crush. This could be the first start of a big change for you. Success or money is not all you need. A true love…


During this period, you may feel exhausted due to some of your responsibilities. This period may be as if people are straining your confidence. Your beliefs or what you know seem to be changing. You may find that someone you believe in is not being honest with you. This is not spooky. You are in a good time to see some things and put things clearly. Perhaps someone who has shaken your trust may make up for it or offer some other support to protect you. You may not be able to find the innovation you are looking for in your career. In your life, perhaps you are at a time when you question what is real or what is not. Your enormous willpower and your realistic structure that you stand with hope for life supports you in reaching the real thing. If you regain the prestige or power you need in your career, will you become a good person or will you take revenge? Don’t put your talents in front of your ambitions. Let the divine process settle this down. You just do your job. Remember, you are the king of the forest.


Mercury is your planet and this retro will offer you the possibilities of self healing. You may feel your strength losing or your feelings getting too sensitive these days. Your desire to protect or hide yourself may rise. It may feel like things aren’t going the way you want them to and everyone around you is doing well. Do not make comparisons like this. What you are looking for is maybe a little hope, maybe love, maybe a new adventure, but you may not be able to find an inner strength to do these things. You may be tired of disappointment in love. Your relations, maybe legal issues may be choking you right now. You are in a period where you will bring them to a seriously successful point. Many problems will be solved, but of course this is not the last stop yet. When Saturn moves into Aquarius, it will be taking you in a completely different direction. Get ready to write a brand new success story in your life. The emotions you are experiencing right now seem to be incomplete just because you are not timing it right. You have to be brave now. That’s why Mercury is stretching. Maybe you need a little nostalgia. Say what?


This Mercury retrograde may make you think more about yourself and your needs. You have always thought about other people’s whims or needs. You may not have much tolerance now. You may be focused on your career and professional achievements. You may have certain concerns constantly coming to the fore. Maybe you spend too much effort to show or express yourself. Will you leave what you have as a corner and get offended because you encounter obstacles? Remember, it takes long-lasting stability to get what you want. Being rebellious to authority or personal pressure does not give you a situation. Internalizing and disturbing yourself too much destroys the hard work you have given until today. That’s why you have to come to yourself. A big rematch awaits you in relationships. It will be exciting.


Mercury, which is regressing on it in these times when you have a very trust problem, may well be salt pepper. This phase will help you to reveal some of your true inner self. This should be considered a time of self-discovery. Throughout the process, you will feel yourself going in circles, but don’t worry, the cycle will end soon. You may think you are left alone to transform your life. It may be snowing on the mountains you trust. But these shouldn’t be a problem for you. We all have a capacity, good or bad. Which of these we will put forward depends on our will. This aspect is about your free will. You may be getting that long-awaited message. First take one step forward, then the other… Do not let go of your individuality and never forget that everyone is weaving their own reality.


Do you think people sacrifice yourself too much? In Mercury retrograde, you will be taken to situations where you will feel the effects of your sacrifices in life. Be confident in yourself and change the opposing views of you by approaching your environment in a more positive way.Do not be impulsive about the deeds or injustices done to you. Everyone lights their own fire. Do not spoil your honest and calm demeanor. Do not let anyone turn you into a bad person. Some changes in your work environment or changes in the responsibilities you take may come before you. You may be angry with yourself lately. Just because I am of my age, but I’m still hesitant about dealing with these emotional issues. Yes, this will always be a difficult situation for you. Your reason for experiencing the events you have already experienced is to improve your side. The sooner you learn this, the faster you will get positive results.


This retro era of Mercury will change the way you perceive relationships, both personally and professionally. Actually feel that the people around you are your great source of power. But looking positively will be extremely important right now. If you move away from your social relationships and approach aggressively, it will evolve in another direction. You are in a period where you create your own reality and take responsibility for your own decisions. This regression will teach you to accept yourself. For this, it means that you are returning to the elements that have recently distracted you. You are making an effort to give people confidence, but you may have been accused of insecurity lately. Don’t care about them. Do not personalize any criticism. Identify what your passions are and use them in a more constructive way. What you see as breakdown are lessons for rebirth. Prepare for rebirth. Sometimes you need to know where to go and give up.


You are not yet your own boss. You should not lose your existing situations while trying to take steps in this direction. Your creativity is paramount in this Mercury transition. The people around you may be experiencing events that cause you to lose faith in yourself. But what matters is what you endure. Sometimes it may be necessary to break to break off some things. Let the broken points improve you. Do not tire yourself or people in your relationships. Complete your legal issues. Even if you don’t want to show off your achievements in life, Mercury’s retrograde movement will present this in some way. Do not be proud of any reason in your relationship.


Your creativity and new beginnings within you will take you to a new perspective of life in this period in which Mercury is retroactive. Look around and see your passions pay off. This may be something you’ve been working on for a long time. You may find yourself doing the things you say I don’t do. You should not be too demanding or aggressive in your personal relationships. You are in time to gain significant momentum in your career life. You are not in the right time to make the ego or make demands, or maybe criticize someone else. You have to break prejudices and embrace your colleagues. Be in the direction of compromise with everyone in your life. This idea will make you incredibly comfortable. Instead of looking at the solid facts through the rose-coloured glasses, accept them. There may also be hard facts where you are. Don’t be proud. Perhaps this is what you should learn. Reconsider your responsibilities. Stop changing people.


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