Main Things: Marriage and all types of partnerships, one-on-one relationships, willingness and ability to undertake, spouse, partner, open enemies, rivals, competition, giving and receiving in human relations, realizing the other, acting as a mirror of the other person, judicial cases, courtrooms, treaty, and legal contracts, consulting, public relations, diplomacy, agreements, social trends.

Ruling Sign: Libra (Autumn Equinox)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Powerful Planet: Saturn
Harmful Planet: Mars
Weak Planet: The Sun
Gender: Male

Descendant Sign – Seventh House In Astrology. Libra is the element of air, it is in cardinal nature. The corner and “Angular House” is the house. The sign at 180 ° opposite is Aries, governing the first house. It is called House of Balance.

Descendant Sign - Seventh House In Astrology

At the end of the 6th house, the last of the personal homes, we perceived ourselves better. While doing this, we took ourselves and life under the microscope and corrected what needed to be fixed. We were now ready to go to the social arena, to relate to “others” outside of us.

The starting point of the 7th house is called “Descendant” because of its opposition to Ascendant. It is the point west of the map. From this point on, 7th-12th, which are collective houses. The basic work of the houses will begin: the hissing with all life will begin to work.

The seventh house is the socializing part of the map that has started to open up. The person is out of individuality and is now with other people. Here we see the harmony of marriage and partnership, the competence to work together in business life and social life/organizations, and team spirit. Business dealings, contracts, divorce, issues concerning society are also included in this house. Art, astrologers (especially in horaries and sign charts), the structure of business partners, open enemies in competition with the person, people who clearly show that they do not like the person and want to harm him. Legal affairs, professionalism, personal style in the working environment, expectations about the working environment, expectations about the spouse; These expectations are not only related to the legal spouse but also informal partnerships lived together and shared life. The most important deficiencies of the person, the reflection of femininity on the relationship in the women’s chart, the behaviors expected from the woman in the man’s chart.

In the field of health: Kidneys, liver, pancreas, lower abdomen, estrogen hormone.


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