Capricorn from the mouth of Capricorn

Capricorn from the mouth of Capricorn. To understand Capricorns ruled by Saturn, let’s first take a look at the creature that represents this sign. Capricorns are not very friendly. They are animals that have a very developed sense of duty, love discipline, and try to do what is taught right. They prefer to watch from the sidelines rather than participate in a game, and they stand out with their cool looks. Generally, they like to climb high and even to the top, and they can easily achieve this with their body structure and high intelligence.

Capricorn from the mouth of Capricorn

What about Capricorn people like me and me? Did the person who walked through that door seem a little callous, cold, self-righteous, but also disciplined? A person whose movements are determined and finely planned, who does not like to attract too much attention, and who expresses his ideas where necessary while watching a calm and calm environment… Here I am here as a Capricorn!

I want to warn you right away, don’t take me lightly. I may seem quiet, calm, but with my stability, I am equipped with the ability to overcome many signs. Don’t be fooled by the little bit of my back. Nobody can stand in front of my determination, intelligence, and determination!

Like the kids, I’m staring at the peaks. My soul always burns in the desire to go higher, and my behavior is shaped accordingly. When you enter an environment, don’t look for me among weak people who have failed in their careers. With my diligence and perseverance, I attract the attention of the people around me and like to stand with people who will take me to higher positions. I am interested in and appreciate people with high careers who are dignified by society. I also have a secret admiration for those who have achieved their goals in their life, and I glorify them spiritually. Do not be fooled by my somewhat recessive demeanor, my appearance is just an illusion.

As a Capricorn, I am ruled by Saturn. You can see the effects of this planet, which disciplines the inner and outer world of the human, and instills determination, diligence, planning ability, and responsibility. In the depths of my soul, there seems to be an old soul. Maturity, wisdom, and seriousness can make me look a little depressed.

Working, working, working… I am constantly working without getting tired, tired. The watermelon construction is just my outer shell, actually, I’m a tough nut. I can resist as much as I can in the face of pressures, disappointments, wear and tear, and continue my life with great strength.

I want to stay away from people who will get stuck on my feet as I move on my life path. I put people on my arm who will help me climb the steps and walk towards my goal with great passion, without diving into the world of imagination.
Of course, I realize there are aspects in myself that I have to balance. Sometimes I can fall prey to emotions such as jealousy, anger, grudge, greed, stubbornness. I have to educate myself on this.

As I said, I live under the influence of Saturn. Therefore, I am not one of the people who rose to romance peaks. Yes, I also like environments that my soul likes. Music, poetry, etc. branches of art make me feel good, but I never fall into the blind wells of emotion, I always try to keep my logic in the foreground.

I like to abide by the norms of society and stick to old traditions and customs. Especially in social situations, I do not fail to respect my elders, I do not behave in a way that breaks the rules, I feel deep respect for their wisdom. At times, you may witness that I even go to a conservative dimension in devotion to the teachings of past generations.

Do you have a Capricorn friend who relaxes you with a calm voice? If you ask him for help with something, he will surely do his best for you. However, I will not be willing to give you warnings and suggestions unless you request it. With my practical intelligence and mind, I can give you very good advice and guide you. What if you take my word for it. Even if you don’t listen, you know, I won’t get on you.

I would like to achieve material and spiritual balance in marriage. You can’t even get me in front of the marriage agency unless I’m sure I’m providing this. Because I am under the influence of Saturn again. Saturn creates a great feeling of security hunger in me. I want to make sure that my future is in good hands and that I can meet my needs when I get old.
I have to go back to nature to feed my soul, to feel good about myself. It is very good for me to take long walks and spend time outdoors. With these activities, I increase my spirituality and feel positive effects on me.
Be you; Do not think Capricorns, whose very polite, slightly headstrong, the honorable style you like, are easy mouths. I have already made plans on how to manage like a puppet without making you doubt …
Best of all, you Capricorn people, hate all together for their high intelligence, abilities, determination to achieve their goals, pursuit of opportunities, and discipline! Let’s deal with you…

Capricorn from the mouth of Capricorn


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