Cancer Monthly Horoscope for October 2020. Dolunay, which will take place in early October, will be impressive on business life, balance in business life, career-related situations, relations with managers, and issues that will enable you to be in front of the public.

Supporting effects will be in effect for job seekers, those who want to change their jobs, those who want to be promoted, and those who want to get an appreciation for their job. You can attract the attention of your managers with your ideas and thoughts.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for October 2020

Several new beginnings, steps may come up related to your business and career. You may encounter conditions in which you should be in front of more public. Just be careful, both good and bad steps will not go unnoticed as you will be very visible.

Venus transits into Virgo on October 2. Your more detailed and analytical approach to your business and events may have attracted the attention of other companies. You can receive new job offers. The thing to watch out for is, don’t approach everything as if it will be perfect. Let it be sometimes. Being in an emotionally confused mood can lower your energy. It would help if you also took care of your health.

Mercury retrograde begins on October 14. During this period, our love life and romantic relationships are at the forefront. If we are in a relationship, old problems may come to the fore often. We must try to stay calm and avoid making words that we will later regret.

In these 2 weeks, we are not in a suitable period to start a new relationship. It is useful to keep in mind that a relationship that begins in this period may not be permanent.

The New Moon begins on October 16th. Issues related to home and family come to the fore. Communication and guest traffic is increasing at home. It may be that we take responsibility for family members.

Moving issues may also come up. We can buy a new house. Or we may want to change the layout of the house.
We can come together with our family about inheritance, property and property sharing and find solutions to problems. There may be developments in a career that will please us. We can move to a new job or start working from home.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for October 2020


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