Cancer from the mouth of Cancer

Cancer from the mouth of Cancer. First, let’s take a look at the creature that represents Cancer to understand me. The introverted state of my pincers is an indication that I have embraced by firmly protecting the people in my life. The house I carry on my back is extremely important to me. I represent the home and for me, trust comes first. Emotional satisfaction and experiencing love, affection, and devotion in my family environment are my most important goals. I want to have a warm home and I worry about my financial needs. Admittedly, even though I have a lot of money, I cannot feel completely comfortable. My emotional hunger is just like that; Even if you love me, I always carry the hunger in my soul that you love more, feel more compassion. I do not dare to work and show patience to achieve my goals. I have a strong will. I attach great importance to saving and investing my money to expand my financial means.

What about my feelings? How beautifully the Moon in the sky describes me! As it changes, it’s like I change too. Sometimes I tide and sometimes I come across with different faces. But if I truly trust you, I will allow you to explore my inner world and feel my heart with all its warmth.

I can’t say I like talking very much. I usually stand behind, examining the quiet environment, to get to know people with my intuition. You can also see that sometimes I am the most cheerful and remarkable of the environment. If I am among my true friends, I really enjoy having humorous conversations and telling funny stories and jokes. Undoubtedly, I am a harmonious person. My friends and people, I love to find my loyalty and sincerity to them realistic. I don’t have an argumentative character, or I don’t like to lead the way, just because it’s what I want. It is not generally said that I tend to draw all the glances on me, but I can do it whenever I want. If I want to create an agenda, be sure I will do it very well.

Did you ask about my inner world? If you are also Cancer, we are already alike. As soon as I see the danger, when it becomes difficult to cope with life, I immediately fall into my shell. Nobody can get me out of there if I don’t want to. I tend towards pessimism yes, although my life is going well, the delusions I create unfortunately do not leave me. My emotions often precede my logic. I do not like to be condemned, criticized, or judged. If I see someone approach me cruelly, it’s a matter of time before I take my guard. In such cases; I have to confess that I was sullen, retreated to the next room, and started crying, and sometimes I was offended for days. So don’t knock on the door in vain, I’m not home!
I don’t like to open the doors of my own private world to everyone. In order for me to accept you as a friend, I have to really believe in it first. If I decide you are trustworthy, you will remain a friend for me until you die. But never think that I will reveal all my secrets to you! I am sure you will enjoy the trouble of talking to me, it is already my mission to show you motherly affection and heal your wounds. I love to listen to your private, which you dare not tell anyone, and I bury it in me. I never share it with anyone! But I cannot be as brave as you, do not expect this from me, I will never share my privilege with anyone unless I want it.

To be honest, there is a jealous production. I can envy your achievements, family relationships, and what you have, which is a fact. I would like to be your best friend. If you value someone more than I do, I must say that I am heartbroken because of this. Please pay special attention to this.

My face reflects my mood quite well. I cannot hide my troubles. When you see me at times like this, “Did something happen to upset you?” It is only a matter of time before you ask. Since I live my emotions very deeply and intensely, it would be very difficult for me to hide it. Whatever my inside is, my outside is also.
I am ready to fight to the end to win what I believe in. If I have decided on something, I can say it’s almost impossible for me to give up on it. Have you seen a crab dropping something that it has been holding? I have not seen it. However, my goal-reaching tactic is a little different from others. I cannot focus and go directly to the target like other people, I have a sideways walking style, similar to crab walking. I would like to achieve success by being very meticulous, taking into account my own experiences and the experiences of the people around me.

My home, my home, my sweet home! My home is my everything. If there are peace and happiness at my house, I am happy too. I easily take full responsibility for my family. My children come first to me. I give all my affection and attention to them. There is no sacrifice I wouldn’t do for them, and I always want them to be safe in my arms. Did you say about decorating my house? My eyes shine when I enter the home selling places between the stores and I enjoy it.
I am deeply devoted to my past, ancestors, and traditions, I try to preserve the old rules. I am prejudiced and somewhat closed towards new thoughts. I know I have to break this, but I have to say that it is safer for me to stick to the old, to live the tried. Is it to try new technologies? I don’t buy it, I’m happy with my old phone.


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