All about Birth Chart. The mother of all horoscopes is the natal chart. It is the basis of all interpretations and also the basis for all horoscopes derived from the birth horoscope such as the partner horoscope, the annual horoscope, monthly horoscope, weekly horoscope and daily horoscope.

Horoscopes are free with us

On this website we have put together numerous horoscopes for all zodiac signs with their characteristics and partner horoscopes. These are always free. In the following, however, the basics of a natal chart will first be explained for a better understanding.

Basics for creating a natal chart

In most cases we are dealing with people when we create the natal chart, but it is also possible to create it for countries, companies, institutions, associations, parties, stock exchange prices or animals. They too all have a moment of birth. It is often difficult to determine the correct birth moment for a country and the practicing astrologer then has to deal with several horoscopes. Of course, none of this usually happens when creating a horoscope for a person.

Place and date are important!

Most people at least know the date of their birth. Sometimes there are problems e.g. in times of war, when a child was born on the run and no one remembers the exact natal chart. The place of birth is also required for the natal chart. This is also usually known, because the latitude and longitude of the location is an important factor in the calculation of the natal chart. It gets a little more difficult when it comes to the exact time of birth. It is mandatory in Germany to report this to the responsible registry office and every citizen has the opportunity to inquire about his birth time from there. Often the time of birth is also in the baptismal or birth register. One should be careful about the memory of mother or father. Since the exact and correct time of birth is essential for calculating the horoscope, it should also be officially confirmed. As a rule, this time is not exactly right either and an experienced astrologer can then correct it based on important life data. Is there actually the “correct” time of birth? What about births by caesarean section or early induction? In these cases the naturally intended time of birth is “manipulated”. Nevertheless, your first own breath counts for the calculation of the natal chart, regardless of how it comes about.

Calculation and interpretation of the natal chart

Then nothing stands in the way of creating the natal chart. An astrologer does the calculation with the help of tables and ephemeris (the table that lists the positions of moving astronomical objects) or with astrological software. The drawing of the natal chart is then printed out on the basis of the calculation. On the drawing, we can then see which ascendant we have, where the moon and the other planets were at the time of our birth.

The calculation of the natal chart can now also be done using the software. The interpretation, however, is an art. People who have their natal chart drawn up and interpreted want to find out something about themselves personally. Nowadays, many people are searching and use cards, tarot, numerology or even astrology to get specific and useful information. The natal chart can give us a holistic view of ourselves. We can see our inherent potential, our strengths and our weaknesses. As a rule, the natal chart also shows how we must deal with our weaknesses or shadow areas in order to get the greatest possible personal benefit from it.

Influence of all signs of the zodiac and the ascendant

Although many people identify with “their” zodiac sign, all twelve zodiac signs are found in every natal chart. These are just distributed differently. The sun is also in a zodiac sign at the time of birth. The position of the sun depends on the date of birth and is therefore useful for identification. But the moon, Venus and all other planets can also be found in the zodiac signs. These constellations are made clear in the natal chart.

The exact time of birth makes it possible to create an exact birth chart. This is where the ascendant can be found with the zodiac rising in the east. Every horoscope has exactly one ascendant. This can be understood as the structure of the horoscope and is very important for the interpretation.

Birth horoscope as the basis for the annual horoscope and partner horoscope

As I said, the natal chart is the basis for other horoscopes derived from it, such as the annual horoscope. One way of creating the annual horoscope is the so-called solar, which is calculated for the return of the sun on its place in the natal chart. The solar is interpreted as the annual horoscope in relation to the natal chart. Another possibility is the analysis of the transits, i.e. the movements of the planets, through the natal chart. These can be calculated for any period, including one year. If a planet touches an important factor in the natal chart (sun, moon, ascendant) in transit, this can be interpreted prognostically.

In the partner horoscope, two or more natal charts are compared with each other (synastry) and examined for their compatibility. It is also possible to create a new, especially interpreted horoscope (synastry or composite) from two or more natal charts.

Baby horoscope & children’s horoscope

It is also very popular to have a natal chart drawn up for the birth of a new person. In this case, the whole interpretation of the horoscope is the prognosis, since the baby’s life is still to come. From this, it becomes clear that it also plays a role at what point in a person’s life a horoscope is created. We can create a very personal horoscope for a newborn, a child, an adult or even for a person who has already died.


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