Main things

Self-awareness, personality and character structure, physical characteristics

  • Ruling Sign: Aries (spring equinox)
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Powerful Planet: The Sun
  • Harmful Planet: Venus
  • Low Planet: Saturn
  • Gender: Male

Ascendant Sign – First House In Astrology. The first house known as the House of Self in Astrology. Aries is an element of fire, it is in the nature of cardinal. The first house is the “Cardinal house”. It is in the corner and most important position. This is because the first house also shows the rising sign. The sign located on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth is the “Ascendant Sign”. A planet transiting this house, telling you where you started life, gives information about the new beginnings that you will make.

Ascendant Sign - First House In Astrology

The first house is related to the identity of the person, the “ME” house is the house, the seventh house corresponding to its 180 ° opposite position is Libra, it tells about the people in front of you, that is “YOU” house.

This house; It tells about the environment you were born in when you were first born and your environmental conditions between 0-3 years old. How your birth took place, your outlook on life, behavior, temperament, general health are interpreted by looking at the first house and ruling planet.

This house determines your physical structure as well as how you look by others. The attitudes and behaviors you follow in your life path will be shaped by the nature of this sign (if there is a planet, their nature and character are also very important). Adventures, personal risks and the urge to struggle, the way he or she perceives the struggle is understood from this.

In the field of health;

Birth, general body, face, skin, skin blemishes, acne, personal – general – psychology, weight, height, brain capacity, intelligence.


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