Aries Full Moon. For new decisions, it would be more correct to wait for the Full Moon in Aries on the night of October 1 not to make wrong attempts!

On Monday, the Moon will begin to move in Pisces, and we can be more emotional and sensitive in the evening, helping people around us. This week, the Moon will be in Pisces on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; we can experience ending and completions before the Full Moon, we can say goodbye to some issues or people. Our feet can be very sensitive; foot baths and massage can be good. When the Moon is in Pisces, the purple color and amethyst stone can balance the energy.

As of Tuesday, September 29, Saturn, the planet of karma and discipline, will end its retrograde in Capricorn. Saturn, which will advance in Capricorn until December 17 and then pass into Aquarius, can affect our new tests in material, career, and family matters. We can quickly begin to reap our impacts. We may have a fateful reckoning.
The sharp angle between Mars and Saturn on Tuesday night, September 29, could bring bad news! In particular, situations such as war, earthquake, explosion, or disease may be on the agenda!

Aries Full Moon

On Thursday, October 1, we can start the New Moon by making new decisions when the Moon is in Aries and be in a brave mood. An ambiguous issue in our lives today may become clear, something hidden may be revealed, and thus an important end or beginning can be experienced!

The Full Moon, which will take place in Aries at night connecting Thursday, October 1 to Friday, may cause sudden and hasty decisions taken without fully thought! As we will be under the influence of the Aries Full Moon this week, watch out for violent situations and fierce fights that may arise due to extreme outbursts of anger!
This week, especially those whose sign or ascendant Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn can be more affected by the Full Moon and experience sudden events. When the Moon is in Aries, the red color and red stones (garlands, corals, rubies) can increase your energy and attractiveness.

On Friday, October 2, Venus, the planet of love, will now begin to move in Virgo, and Venus, which will remain in Virgo until October 28, may affect our being more meticulous and selective in our love life. During this period, we may like it harder and be more critical. It can be a great time to put our lives in order and take more care of our health, and we can start eating healthy and regular sports. Those who are in Virgo sign, ascendant, the Moon sign, Venus, or Jupiter may be more fortunate, gain new gains, and be more admired for what they do.

On Saturday, October 3, the Moon will move in Taurus, and we will want to rest and laze over the weekend. We may not want to leave the house, or we may have a hard time leaving. It can be good to spend time in nature. Our appetite can be very clear, and care may be necessary to avoid gaining weight. Beauty-related operations can be done, especially on Sunday, we can take care of ourselves more. When the Moon is in Taurus, the colors of red and orange can increase our energy. Red and orange stones (coral, ruby, aragonite, orange agate) can be carried on us.

As of Sunday, October 4, the planet of transformation, Pluto, will end its retrograde in Capricorn, and as Pluto accelerates in the coming weeks, we will all experience a significant transformation in our lives. Until 2024, Pluto will continue to move forward in Capricorn and transform the world, especially in economic and natural disasters. I wish all of us to have a nice and peaceful week.


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