First, let’s take a look at the creature that represents Aries to understand me. Think about the difference between ram and lamb, if you want. How stubborn is the coach, we said, right? What if you force a coach to do something he doesn’t want? The foot is persistent, resisting as much as it can take. But what else? Why is the expression “strong like Aries” used? What if you tease a coach? Think about them. Let me start telling you about myself.

Aries from the mouth of Aries;

Aries (21 MARCH-20 APRIL)

As Aries, I represent the first sign of the Zodiac and the birth. My perspective on life is like a little baby. Whatever a mischievous child behaves like, my attitude is similar. The world should revolve around me, everyone should serve me. People around me are hungry, sleepless, tired, is it important? Of course not! What I want should or should be immediate, that’s it! You may be astonished at my innocent look while driving you crazy. In my world, there is no place for lies, fraud, or intrigue. You can see the traces of the power production both in my body and in my mind. I am very confident, so when you take a look at the business world, please look for me in important positions. I do not like being subjugated by my construction, if I stay in such a situation, you can witness a lot of whining. When you see me, you may think that elegance has never passed by this person. When you consult me ​​on something, you can be sure that I will sort my thoughts very clearly by looking right in your eyes. In my dictionary, there is no word conversion.

My self-confidence makes me the protagonist of things. Who do you think cuts the ribbon when there is an opening? Of course me. With my hasty attitude, you can see me running around and taking care of everything. Did you have a boss who is very hard on you, who is very committed to his job, lined up his expectations one after another, and intervened in a sudden situation by stepping forward? Here is Aries’s boss! I am sure if your manager is Coach, you understand very well what I mean.

What if you piss me off? I can suddenly go mad with anger and shock you with hurtful words. In such cases, wait for a while, then come to me. Then I am sure you will be surprised. I keep talking as if nothing happened to you. My anger is like a straw flame. However, you should know that I approach life quite realistically, so I don’t like emotional attitudes. Don’t try to cry or beg in front of me. Of course, I am not unscrupulous, but you can usually see me in a strong and rigid mood.

You can see that I walk the complex paths of life with great courage, even though I sometimes don’t see me ahead. This means that; In my opinion, I am definitely the person who will do the task in a workplace best and bring the most accurate solution to problems. I want to be made to feel very important where I work. If I really believe this, I will work very happily and selflessly. Yes, it is true that I claim “who knows better than anyone”. It is also true that I suffer from this sometimes. Sometimes this causes huge losses, mistakes, and damages in my life, but by construction, I cannot change that.

If you think that I will settle in a corner in case I am wrong, you will wait for more. I will fight until the last drop of my blood, moreover, I will enter this war blindly. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to leap forward, caught in my anger, without thinking about who the other person is.

I am ruled by the planet Mars, almost a symbol of honesty. Do not seek hypocrisy in my actions, in my words, and please do not try to boil gossip cauldrons with me. I never like things like that. Although I attach great importance to money, it cannot be said that I am pursuing wealth. I strive harder than most people, whatever the conditions, to achieve my own desires.

If you are looking for a strong warrior, a good companion, a loyal wife on your life path, know that an Aries like me might be the perfect fit for you. You can really trust what I say. If you want to try it, take a look around and start calling me!


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