Aquarius from the mouth of Aquarius

Aquarius from the mouth of Aquarius. Now it’s time for Aquarius, known as the genius sign. An unusual or even strangely dressed unit that looks around you with incomprehensible eyes? Yes, you probably came across an Aquarius like me. You should know that the mind of the owner of these looks, which you think I have taken under your focus, is actually in completely different places, and, likely, I have not even noticed you… Now let’s go into my eyes, into the depths of my soul.

Aquarius from the mouth of Aquarius

To admit; Indeed, being a member of the inventor sign makes me rightly proud. Because great scholars, explorers, and world-famous people come out of Aquarius like me.

One of my best-known characteristics is that I am extremely fond of my freedom. I don’t like being subjugated by someone, being oppressed, being forced into jobs I don’t want. My ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus. With the intelligence these planets give me, I stand out from other people and have the opportunity to excel. The curiosity to examine everything is an inevitable feeling in me. Until the unknown is known to me.

I think Aquarius people are not well understood. Therefore, I find it useful in my explanation. Our mood changes frequently. This is why we look a little strange. Indeed, when you look at the stage of history, you can see that many geniuses Aquarius were not understood in their time and were judged by society.

I have a broader vision than other people. By nature, I comprehend things that others cannot perceive more easily. I am at a perception level that lives beyond time, can think and feel beyond the age I am in.
I can say that achieving high achievements in life is easier for those who have my qualifications. I don’t think I have to fight a big battle to reach my ideals in life. Money, status, fame, or wealth come from my assertiveness, my diligence, my strong enthusiasm for learning, my superior mind. I would also like to add that I do not attach much importance to materials.

I attach great importance to friendship and friendship. Doing something for society is an ideal that lies in my heart. I love people. Because of my desire to gain new knowledge, I cannot stop meeting different people. Besides, I have to admit that I have a desire to be glorified and even admired by the people around me. If you blame me, try to restrain me, offend me with any kind of disrespect, it’s only a matter of time before our friendship ends. Because unfortunately, I can delete people with sudden decisions and turn away without even looking back.

It is true that I have a habit of constantly praising myself. For this reason, it is also possible that my name is cocky. Some people see me as unbearable. What can I do, that’s what I am. When I glorify myself, I think the people in front of me find me very interesting and are not badly affected. However, I am also aware that I should not go into exaggeration on this subject.

There is an important point you should know about me; If I make a decision, I will always stand before you as a fixed person. So do not try to persuade me in vain. This is the devil of a job!

Sometimes I want to isolate myself and be alone in society. In such a situation, do not try to reach me persistently. Be sure, after a while, I will break away from my thoughts and be with you again and I will listen to your statements with interest and give appropriate answers. It is enough to know that I am trying to enlighten a subject that falls into my mind for a short time and that I am thinking about different things. Meanwhile, if I am looking at you blankly, do not be sorry. I know it will be difficult for you to get used to, but there is nothing I can do. I am like this …

I am someone who tells me what I think to the people around me. I don’t like to lie or cheat people. I can even explain the situations I do not approve, and surprise you with my direct questions. But know that I will not force you to change. I just express my opinions. But I don’t like people getting involved in my life and warning about what to do or not to do.
As an Aquarius person, I must say that I always look forward and keep my perspective wide. I live in the future, not in the past. For this reason, I can easily get along with young generations and adapt to the developing world. I think that innovations and changes increase the wealth of my soul.

Did you say travel? Traveling, getting to know new places, new cultures, and people is always interesting for someone like me who likes to push the boundaries of knowledge. I have to say that the journeys opened my horizons while resting me.
I am sure you got an idea about Aquarius by looking at all of these. As an Aquarius, who likes to do what he likes to do, cannot force and pressure, who does not give up self-esteem, has the characteristics of a true leader in his soul, thanks to my mind and intelligence, I can open the doors of an unexpected life for you. Why not?

Aquarius from the mouth of Aquarius


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