Astrology Reference

Astrology Reference is one of the oldest sciences in history that emerged centuries ago. Examines the effects of the motion and positions of the planets and stars on people’s life and character. Astrology is examined in some of parts which they occur the signs, the twelve houses, the ten planets, asteroids and their aspects.
The bases of the astrological natal chart are based on planets, signs, houses and their positions. Planets represent the real structure of mind in astrological symbolism. Each of them shows a specific psychological function: perception, emotions, self-identification, drive to get closer.

Horoscopes are essential energies and they emphasize certain characteristics of experiences. Generally, they symbolize processes within the mind. Each of these processes is a growth model in which people are intensely identified: learning to be bolder, learning to be aware of other people’s needs and concerns, developing spiritual sensibility and meditation skills, and cleansing from the destructive effects of addiction.

The star map is divided into 12 equal parts, each of which is called the Home. Houses indicate habitats affected by planets and signs. The star map represents the sky. Houses are not a visible division when looking at the sky, but an adaptation found by calculation method.

Astrology Reference

Astrology Reference , The dynamic interactions between the different energies of life are shown separately by “aspects” in the natal chart. These are the aspects between the planets themselves and between the Ascendant or the Midheaven and the planets. Aspects are also known as “power lines” between the various energy centers (planets) in the energy field shown in the chart. Views are measured within a 360-degree angle on the natal chart where these energy fields are clearly stated.

Planets stand in the middle of the scene while doing astrological analysis. Their positions, aspects and effects are very important for an interpretation. However, astrology is a vast sea, and after planets, asteroids also play a very important role in this scene.

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